No te pierdas estas donas cerca de ti

Cravings and donuts. We’ve all heard about them. We’ve all had them. They are a story as old as time. And at Shipley’s, we believe that your donuts should never be away from reach when you’re at home, or work, or your favorite cousin’s birthday party, and we make sure that we’re always around when you go searching for ‘‘donas cerca de mí’’.

Read on for why we think we have the best of the best sugary delights waiting for you.

Tic-Tac-Toe, But With….Donuts?

Well, yeah. Picture this; you’re casually sitting around with your best friend, daydreaming about Ryan Gosling, when you both say ‘donuts’ at the same time. We get it, telepathy is natural for bffs. And you want to make it a little more interesting than just chomping down on a few Classic glazed ones (although we’d do it, that’s a brilliant idea). And there you go, a game of ol’ tic-tac-toe with a dozen beignets and chocolate filleds, no holds barred, winner takes all. Although we know who the clear victors are; you both, because donuts equal win. Easy.

“But I’m at this party, and….”

We’ll take guesses. Boring music? People you don’t know? The corner that seems so very inviting because no one would bother you there? Well, that corner just might be a Shipley’s! And we brought the party to you with our thick, creamy, dripping…ahem, Boston Cream Filled donuts. There you go, now everybody wants one, you have new friends, and hey, doesn’t that one guy over there look like Drake?

Your Valentine’s Needs Spicing Up

The evening is going brilliantly, your date is a great conversationalist, and you both just found out how much you equally loved ScarJo in Lucy. You figure that she is worth experiencing the simple-but-decadent pleasures in life and say, “What would you say if we got out of here and I took you to a Shipley’s for a couple Cherry Sprinkled ones?” to which she says, “Can we watch Lucy later?’’ and that’s when you know that she’s worth it. And psst, we think you make a really cute couple. Also, don’t forget to checkout the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Deadlines and Donuts

The project you wanted to finish last week has taken longer than you thought, and before you know it’s Monday already. God, you could go for a donut right now, put your feet up, and relax. You open your laptop, the anticipation building, and you search for ‘’Shipley’s near me’’. Fear not, for we’ve heard your cries and as we speak, are sending you your Chocolate Iced dozen of delicacy. You’re welcome.

Maple Makes Everything Better, Doesn’t It?

Shirley in AP History (yeah, the cute one) has her birthday party tonight, and she sent you an invite so late that you don’t know what gift to go for, but you remember her mentioning that she liked maple frosted donuts a lot. So you put on a classy tux, whip out your phone and search for “Shipley’s near me”. We’ve got you covered. Two Maple Frosted delicacies, right on cue. She’ll know that you remembered, and you have her number now. Bingo.

The Best Things In Life Are Simple

The end of the year has approached sooner than you thought. Your whole family is sitting at the dinner table, waiting for dessert when you realize there aren’t any because your brother forgot to pick them up on his way back from work. You then remember how much Dad enjoys his Classic Sprinkled ones. You order a couple dozen of those and we get it over to you soft, warm and hearty, just like your family sitting by the fireplace, laughing about how your brother is not the favorite kid anymore. It is going to be a happy new year indeed.

Big Trouble In A Little Apartment

Your neighbor from upstairs said they would be coming over today and right on time, they do. You and your partner are panicking because you can’t serve them leftover lasagna and frozen salad. Well, that’s when your partner suggests that you could go for something everybody loves, donuts! You think that’s genius, go online to search for a Shipley’s and order a couple of varieties including donut holes as well. You’ve saved the day, and your guests are left wondering how you knew what their favorites were.

So no matter where you are, a Shipley’s will be always be close by to service every single one of your donut needs. Start ordering online today! In case you need some help, checkout our top 7 best donuts.