Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Seasonal Donuts!

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to get lucky with a a box full of seasonal donuts from MyShipleyDonuts. You can make your holiday weekend even more special by reaching out to us to cater your party.

seasonal donuts, St. Patrick's Day catering

The Significance of St. Patrick’s Day seasonal donuts, St. Patrick's Day catering

On March 17, the world celebrates St. Patrick’s Day to remember one of Ireland’s patron saints: St. Patrick.

Today, the holiday celebrates the Irish-American culture and brings everyone together.

There are many Irish themed parties that include some special drinks and food. In fact, most people also get into the spirit and wear green clothing. Houston hosts various street parades to commemorate the occasion.

Furthermore, many public places in towns dye their water green, too! In fact in 2005, Chicago River became famous on this day because of its green dye to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

At MyShipleyDonuts, St. Patrick’s Day is full of green – the popular holiday hue.

The common symbol of this day is the shamrock, and you’ll find it a lot on our donuts. This is the leaf of clover plant and is a religious symbol of the Holy Trinity, too. Other symbols include almost anything that’s green, the flag of the Republic of Ireland, beer brands associated with the Irish culture, and a pot of gold.

At MyShipleyDonuts, you can look forward to a celebration that’s true to the spirit of the holiday in every sense. Not just our food, but also our staff members are looking forward to bringing in the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day with lots of green luck!

seasonal donuts, St. Patrick's Day catering

We’re All About Celebrations

seasonal donuts, St. Patrick's Day catering

At MyShipleyDonuts, we offer the most delicious treats in town for every festival and holiday – big or small. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, or Mardi Gras, our dedicated chefs go the extra mile to create some unique donuts for our customers.

After all, no celebration is complete without the sweet and sensational taste of donuts.

You’ll find our seasonal donuts interesting to say the least.

It’s coupled with some innovative dough, colorful sparkles and creative ideas that connect with every holiday in Houston.

Not to mention, we go above and beyond in our menu and offer some enticing beignets, kolaches, and freshly brewed coffee.

So, when it’s a cultural and religious celebration like St. Patrick’s Day, you can look forward to many green delights coming your way!

Catering to the Holiday Demands seasonal donuts, St. Patrick's Day catering

Since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday, it’s a great opportunity to host the perfect themed party for your friends, colleagues or extended family. Being a family-run business, MyShipleyDonuts makes your events even more special and memorable with some irresistible treats.

Hosting a Sunday brunch for your family?

Or have a last minute plan with your gang?

Consider donut delivery and your party is all set!

We also offer corporate catering so if you’re celebrating on Friday before the big weekend, don’t forget to order our donuts online. Earn brownie points from your boss when you bring in a box of smooth and silky donuts. Our breakfast catering solution is ideal to make your St. Patrick’s Day full of sweet memories and moments.

The Neighborhood Donut Shop with Seasonal Sensations

MyShipleyDonuts is your local neighborhood shop for all things sweet. Whether you’re craving a donut at midnight or need your daily dose of coffee in the morning, we have everything under one roof.

Located on Westheimer Road, our 24-hour shop is always open to welcome customers and surprise them with our menu. You can also bring in your kids and share all about St. Patrick’s Day deliciously.

Our second shop is at McKinney Street, so if you work around the block, you can pick up the latest box of green donuts to surprise your team.

Can’t pick up your favorite donuts? No worries. We also provide doorstep delivery. Order online, choose your desired St. Patrick’s Day seasonal donuts and get ready for some lucky celebrations.

Ready to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with MyShipleyDonuts?

With our seasonal donuts, customers are always spoiled for choice.

Pick the glazed donuts in green and bring home the lucky charm of St. Patrick’s Day, or consider an iced or coated donut that will make others green with envy!

The sprinkled donuts make the perfect kids’ treat while the filled donuts have a surprise waiting to pop out.

You can also try our gourmet pastries or couple your donuts with some interesting beverages to complete your order. Every donut, kolache, cake and beignet is fresh, tasty and sprinkled with lots of love and warmth!

Bite into the goodness of St. Patrick’s Day with MyShipleyDonuts. Our seasonal donuts are all set to make this holiday unforgettable! Call 713-589-3292 (Westheimer) or 713-651-3033 (McKinney) to relish our special sensations today!

seasonal donuts, St. Patrick's Day catering

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