6 eventos perfectos para catering de donas

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2018

[:en]If you’ve ever wondered about the perfect time for Catering de donas, no te preocupes! Aquí hay seis eventos ideales para catering de donas.

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1) La fiesta de la oficina.

We’ve all been there. There is going to be yet another party at the office and against all reason you’ve been tasked with dessert. You could plead your case but you know from the Holiday Party Incident of 2015 it’s best not to fight it. Your fate is sealed. So why not make theirs glazed?

“The only holes in your dessert plan come 18 dozen per pan.”

With Shipley’s Donut Catering you can get an assortment of donuts ranging from classic and chocolate glazed, sprinkled, to filled. The only holes in your dessert plan come 18 dozen per pan.

2) Una fiesta de maratón de Los Simpson.

Donut Catering

You’ve seen her on Facebook, chuckled at her posts in the WOOHOO! Classic Simpsons Quotes Facebook group and would love to ask her out on a date. One problem. What if she says no? How can you face that? By asking her something she can’t say no to: A Simpsons Marathon party with Shipley’s donut catering. What’s better than the the iconic Homer Simpson donut with strawberry glaze and sprinkles?

Mmmm…Donut Catering.

3) Día de graduación.

Graduation day is finally approaching and you can tell your students are dazed. Some look out the window, some sneak glances at their phones and at least three said, “Dude, I can’t even brain right now.” Graduation fever is at epidemic levels. Thankfully, you know the cure: Shipley’s Donut Catering. It will perk up your students and show them you care. Make your last homeroom together memorable with Shipley’s Donut Catering.

“Shipley’s has a variety of cake donuts for even the pickiest of teenagers.”

4) Fiestas de cumpleaños.

Your twin daughter’s 14th birthdays are coming up and you’ve got a little dilemma. Lucy thinks birthday cakes are “so not on fleek,” while Lane “just has to have” a birthday cake pic to post on her Instagram. Shipley Do-Nuts has just the fix! Introducing the Donut Catering Compromise of 2018. Shipley has a variety of cake donuts for even the pickiest of teenagers. So, Lucy gets a birthday treat to match her trend-setting style while Lane gets her prized Instagram pic. Donut Catering for the win!

5) Reuniones familiares

Are you hosting a family reunion? We know how stressful that can be. You have flights to check and rooms to vacuum. You’re not looking for extra things to add to your to-do list, like the dishes you’ll need to clean after breakfast. Why not nearest donut shoplet Shipley’s Donut Catering help? Donut catering is the easy breakfast solution so the only thing you’ll have to do is decide which of Shipley’s delicious flavors to get!


6) La reunión de la madrugada.

No one likes early meetings. Unfortunately, there are times your client needs one. Which means you and your team have to come in even earlier to prep. This is never happy news. Especially since this is your first management gig and you sense things could be going smoother. That’s when you decide to order Shipley’s donut catering.

Shipley’s Do-Nuts has a number of Donut Catering packages to suit the needs of your employees, clients, and your wallet. Bear Claw your way to greater employee satisfaction and team moral with Shipley’s donut catering.


Ordene Donut Catering hoy.

Whether it be for an office party, birthday party, or the last homeroom of a stressful senior year Shipley’s Do-Nuts has got your event covered with your choice of sprinkles or glaze. Call (281)220-1103  or click the link below to see how Shipley Do-nuts can cater to you.

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