5 razones por las que nuestra tienda de donas las 24 horas es mejor

viernes, 27 de abril de 2018

[: en] ¿Conocías nuestras Tienda de donas las 24 horas is better than others? Well, you know what they say, “The proof of the donut is in the tasting.” Read on to see how Shipley truly Makes Life Delicious.

Ten un poco de Yum en tu vida

La ubicación de Westheimer no solo es una tienda de donas las 24 horas, sino que también rosquillas de pastel! 

24 hr donut shop 1. Ofrecemos rosquillas de pastel reales

You’ve just left a grueling late dinner with inlaws. The worst part? They declined the dessert cart! Just when you were eyeing a nice piece of vanilla cake.

“Mind if we stop somewhere for cake? That salad I had was not filling,” you say.

“While I like that idea,” your spouse says, “I’m actually kind of craving donuts.”

Donuts do sound good! But…it’s not cake. And would a donut shop be open now?

You’re about to pull over to Google this when it comes to you: Shipley Do-Nuts! Not only is their Westheimer location a 24 hr donut shop, but they have rosquillas de pastel! 

You know exactly what you’re getting, all thanks to one 24 hr donut shop’s easily accessible menu.

1. Fácilmente accesible Menú24 hr donut shop

You’ve just gotten home from work when your spouse says,
“Did you decide on what you wanted from the donut shop tomorrow?” Oh, right. It’s our turn to bring breakfast for the Saturday book club.
“Can’t you just pick for me? I’ve made a zillion decisions today and I just want to relax for once.”

“But the menu is right on their website.” You flop in your computer chair and call up the website. The menu link is in the left-hand corner. Huh, that’s easy!

Within seconds of clicking you see every donut you’ve ever thought of. Glazed, cake, Boston cremes…and then you spot it. The one thing you didn’t know you craved until you saw it: a kolache made with Italian sausage and Provolone cheese. You know exactly what you’re getting now, all thanks to one 24 hr donut shop’s easily accessible menu.

¿Has probado Cake Donuts?

Shipley Do-Nuts has the donuts people want with the convenience people need. Now that’s delicious!

24 hr donut shop2. Sí, realmente SOMOS una tienda de donas las 24 horas

After hours of work, your group has finally finished the big project for your picky professor. One problem: it’s 2 AM and the group is starving.

“What about that market down the road?” someone suggests.

“They closed at 12,” another one replies.


“I want something sweet. Like a donut or something.” The group perks up. You gotta admit, donuts is not a bad idea. And you know just the 24 hr donut shop to go to,  Shipley Do-Nuts. It has the donuts people want with the convenience people need. Now that’s delicious!

Nuestra tienda de donas las 24 horas tiene solo las donas y pasteles que usted conoce y ama.

3. Mantenemos las cosas simples24 hr donut shop

Did you know more choices can overwhelm you? It sounds odd that more choices could be a bad thing, but in some cases, the old saying is true. En realidad, menos es más. 

Psychologists from Columbia Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper decided to test this adage in the year 2000. They went to a local market and set up a jam stand with a selection of 24 jams. The next day they set up the same jam stand with only 6 jams.

The results were surprising. While the jam stand with 24 had the most interest, the jam stand with 6 had the most sales. Shipley Do-Nuts understands. People don’t want a long list of confusing options. They want what they know and love.

That’s why our 24 hr donut shop has only the donuts and pastries you enjoy. Baking the classics since 1936!

¡Prueba los clásicos hoy!

Puedes realizar tu pedido en línea y tenlo listo cuando vengas!

4. Tenemos más que DoorDash24 hr donut shop

While it’s true we can dash many a menu item to your door, we have many options to suit your needs. Say you’ve got to get to work early and you don’t want to in line? You can place your order en línea ¡y téngalo listo cuando entre!

Or say you’ve got some family flying in, or a meeting with a client you want to impress? Would you have time to scramble something up? Or would you want to try catering de donas para una fácil porción de bondad glaseada? ¡Pruebe nuestras opciones de catering hoy!

5.Haga la vida deliciosa hoy con nuestra tienda de donas las 24 horas

Whether you’re craving kolaches in the early AM or desire the classics in the late PM, check out our Westheimer location or click below to see how Shipley Do-Nuts can make your life delicious!

¡Ordene hoy el Glazed Goodness!

5 Reasons Our Donut Shop Is Better | My Shipley Do-Nuts – Houston, TX






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Visite Shipley Do-Nuts en 12403 Westheimer (entre Dairy Ashford y Kirkwood) no solo para obtener los mejores Shipley Do-Nuts calientes y suaves que jamás haya envuelto en sus labios, sino también todas las variedades de kolaches frescos y cálidos que se ofrecen las 24 horas del día. en nuestra tienda de donas de Houston.