Los 4 mejores momentos para un catering de desayuno

viernes, 8 de junio de 2018

[: en] ¿Sabías? Shipley Do-Nuts tiene catering de desayuno. Si, it’s true! La misma tienda de donas que ofrece servicio de entrega de donas y otras opciones de catering también puede hacer catering para el desayuno. Siga leyendo para obtener ideas sobre los mejores momentos para breakfast catering.

¡Prepara tu desayuno hoy!

Shipley Do-Nut no solo ofrece servicios de desayuno, ¡también tienen donas de Pokémon!

1. La fiesta de Pokémonbreakfast catering

You can hardly contain yourself. Your friends are coming over next Friday for a full day of Pokemon hunting leading up to the most epic battles of the century. Finally, after all these months, your team (Team Instinct) will reclaim the coveted Poke Gym in Buffalo Bayou Park from Team Mystic! As you plan out the day, what you’ll wear, what to bring, you realize you forgot something super important: Breakfast! That’s when you recall that Shipley Do-Nuts not only has breakfast catering, but they also have ¡Donuts de Pokémon!  ¡Qué manera de mejorar el día!

Catch’em All With Breakfast Catering

Relajarse. Todo lo que tienes que hacer mañana es tomar un café y disfrutar de las mejores donas que Houston tiene para ofrecer.

breakfast catering2.El brunch de la boda

You plop on the bed exhausted. The wedding was perfect!  After months of planning and saving, you threw your daughter the wedding she could cherish for a lifetime. The only thing left to do now is get settled in bed and be happy your wallet will never be that light again. You’re about to doze off when you suddenly recall something.

“Egad! We forgot about the post-wedding brunch!”

You’re about to throw off the covers to find a restaurant when your wife gets in bed next to you.

“Don’t worry. I planned that with the kids last month. We’re having it here. Did you know that Shipley’s does breakfast catering?”

Suspiras aliviado.

“No. But I am SO glad they do! What a load off my mind!”

You snuggle in the bed. Now, you can really relax because when everyone comes tomorrow you won’t scrambling in the kitchen; you’ll be sipping coffee and enjoying the best donuts Houston has to offer.

¡Ordene el Yum!

Con las sobras del servicio de desayuno, lo único de lo que los nuevos padres se preocuparán es de su dulce paquete de alegría.

3.Los nuevos padres en la ciudadbreakfast catering

You got the call at 5 AM. Your son and his wife had their firstborn, a little girl! You couldn’t be happier for them. As you leave the hospital with your husband, you start to recall what those days were like. Early feedings, late night cry sessions, and the ever-blissful blur of giggles and smiles.

“it’s a wonder we had time to eat breakfast!” your husband recalls.

“We didn’t,” you say. “Unless you count two sips of coffee and half a banana as breakfast.”

Al salir del estacionamiento, se le ocurre un pensamiento. ¡Los primeros días en casa desde el hospital son difíciles! Se siente tan preocupado por hacer todo lo demás bien que a menudo se olvida de la comida.

What if your son and daughter-in-law didn’t have to? That’s when you get the great idea to throw a “Welcome Home” baby shower complete with breakfast catering by Shipley Do-Nuts.

Con todo el donas y kolaches las sobras que producirá el catering, de lo único que tendrán que preocuparse los nuevos padres es de su nuevo paquete de alegría. Todo porque fue lo suficientemente atento como para pedir el servicio de desayuno de Shipley Do-Nuts.

Elimine el estrés de la mañana con el catering del desayuno

Your daughter and her friends can wake up when they’re ready to a kitchen full of their favorite donuts! 

4.La fiesta de pijamas

breakfast catering

Foto cortesía de Twin Peaks de Gighy. Twin Peaks es propiedad de Disney-ABC Television Group y Showtime.

Your daughter couldn’t be more ecstatic if she tried. All throughout high school she had a terrible time making friends. They never got her Twin Peaks references and didn’t understand her ’60s-style clothes. But now that she’s in college she’s found a group of friends who not only get her; they’re Twin Peaks fans, too! You couldn’t help but say yes when she asked if her friends could sleepover to kick-start summer vacation.

As your daughter goes to unpack and get ready you get an idea. What if I ordered breakfast catering from Shipley’s? That way, your daughter and her friends can wake up when they’re ready to a kitchen full of their favorite donuts! And let’s not forget the beignets. What a way to start the day!

Ordene un buen catering hoy

¡Ordene hoy el catering de desayuno Shipley Do-Nuts!

If you’re looking for an easy way to start the day or just an excuse to enjoy kolaches con café, order Shipley Do-Nut’s breakfast catering today! It’s easy to order! Just go to myshipleydonuts.com and click on “online order” at the top. On that page click “catering and delivery” and then choose which location you’d like to order from. Then, pick your favorites and we’ll deliver them to you!

¿Shipley va camino a su evento? ¡No hay problema! ¡También puedes recoger tu pedido! Los pedidos se pueden realizar con 30 días de anticipación o con tan solo 24 horas.

Shipley Do-Nuts has been around since 1936 and catered many a breakfast. Call [phone number=”(713)-589-3292″] or click below bring your breakfast to the next level with Shipley’s breakfast catering!

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