5 Delectably Decadent Ways to Enjoy Your Donuts

Wednesday, 6th November 2019

You don’t have to eat donuts the same way every time. In fact, there are plenty of ways to change up your donut game plan. At Shipley Do-Nuts, we love the fact that people get creative with our donuts and share the same love we have for them. We are sure other lovers of these perfectly-fried-portions would agree. And our doorstep breakfast catering will never let you down.

So to pay tribute to our love of donuts we’re giving you five new and delicious ways to eat them. We like to keep things fun and creative, and hope you will, too!

Make Your Donut Sundae

If you’re a lover of ice cream, add some to your tasty donuts. Throw your favorite ice cream on top of any donut of your choice. Or you can cut your donut in half and create a donut ice cream sundae! This will take your dessert experience to another level of deliciousness. Go wild with the combinations. Whatever you think might taste good, give it a try! You never know which two flavors will taste great together.

“Eat your favorite donuts in your icecream, waffles, or the breakfast sandwich.”

Pop Your Favorite Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast is one of the best things to eat to start out your day. But do you know what else would make your day great? Add protein to your diet by making a donut breakfast sandwich. Cook eggs and bacon or sausage. Cut the donut in half just like you would a bagel. Then put eggs and your choice of breakfast meat in the middle. You can order donuts online for breakfast catering and make the sandwich yourself at home! Click here for the recipe.

Turn It into a Crispy Waffle

It happens to everyone. We order too many donuts, and there is still plenty of leftovers. They get hard and slightly stale. So what do you do? Is there any way to salvage it? The answer is yes. You can heat the donut by using a waffle maker. This caramelizes the donut into a crispy waffle. Want to make your taste buds explode even more? Add fried chicken and honey butter. Just don’t try this on donuts with icing, sprinkles, or jelly/cream-filled!

Make a Grilled Cheese Melt with Donut

If you love grilled cheese, you’ll love this recipe. You can make this the same way you make a grilled cheese sandwich. Instead of bread, however, you would make it with a donut. You can order donuts from either of our locations and grab cheese from the grocery store to make a donut cheese melt at home. For this mouthwatering recipe, click here. And for breakfast catering with donuts, you have to reach us!

“For a tasty twist, make a grilled cheese using donuts instead of bread.”

Get Creative and Try Different Toppings

At the end of the day, you decide how you want to eat your donut. You can throw whatever you want on top or inside. Eat it whenever and wherever you want! Get creative and try out some recipes or even make your own. There is no one that can tell you no. If you have any great donut ideas, comment below. We are sure the community would enjoy fresh and new ideas on how to eat them!

Our menu is so broad you won’t be able to eat everything in just one visit. Whether you are looking for donuts for a wedding or a corporate event, trust Houston’s donut shop to deliver. Our online donut delivery is fast and easy to meet up with your cravings for its sugary sweetness.

Mix Up a Delicious Recipe with Our Shipley’s Breakfast Catering

If you have a sweet tooth for our Shipley’s donuts, satisfy it with a new and creative recipe. We provide a wide selection of donuts to satisfy any craving. Call us now at (713) 651-3033 or you can stop by one of our shops today or order online to try a new and delicious way to eat our donuts!

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