Shipley’s 5 Ways to Celebrate National Donut Day

Sunday, 6th June 2021

Shipley's 5 Ways to Celebrate National Donut Day

To start things off, happy National Donut Day, people! As per the norm, we have arrived at the first Friday of June this year, and today we celebrate the donut, America’s dutch connection and our way of spreading hope and affection to the world.

Now whether you prefer them the classic glazed way or with  toppings such as sprinkles, you’ll have to agree that you do have a favorite donut, just like the rest of us. And all us sweet heads have just one thing in mind; how to get the dozen we want while heading home from work, and sharing them with our friends and loved ones. Or just eating them all (shh, don’t tell).

But at the same time, we feel that we would have a greater appreciation for the freedom that allows us to have a National day for a type of food, and the sacrifices that led up to it. And finally, we can talk about all the Shipley-certified ways that you and your family can enjoy the day!

The ‘O’ in the Donut

A symbol for hope? A pillar of strength? No, we’re not talking about Superman. But rather, superwomen. Dozens of them, in fact. During the First War, women from The Salvation Army served donuts for the good fight. And so much was the popularity and consumption of these donuts, that American infantrymen started to be known as doughboys! And to honor these hardworking and inspirational heroes, we started celebrating the National Donut Day ever since its inception in 1938.

And ever since then, on the first Friday of every June, we have celebrated this momentous occasion, signifying the triumph of empathy and care as a result of the sacrifices that were made.

Shipley’s 5 Ways to Celebrate National Donut Day

A Colorful, Versatile Snack

Well, need we say more? Donuts can spruce up absolutely anything, and provide the spark for amazing times with the people closest to us, and even strangers. No matter whether there is a gathering at home, or just a surprise promotion party that your boss throws for you on behalf of your excellent work, you have to agree a donut shared is a time remembered. Now whether or or not you share those or save some for later, we can keep a secret. Promise.

A Path to Giving Back

Today more than ever, the less fortunate and privileged in this country need our help. A high percentage of people have lost their homes, their jobs, their ways of living and bits of their souls during the trying times that we’re in. Today, we can go up to them, sit and share donuts with them. Show some solidarity, some humanity and empathy, keeping the spirit of the Doughnut Dollies alive still. Because today more than ever, they need a hand reaching out to them, and even something as small as a donut and some time spent with another human can brighten up their lives in ways that we will never know.

Perfect For Movie Night

Ah, you finally made it. After days, weeks, maybe months of planning, including several foiled ones and innumerable Venn diagrams depicting the perfect night out that you have in your mind, you have managed to assemble your friends much like the Avengers and have put on all 23 of the MCU’s offerings (in order, of course). Oh, what’s that? You ran out of snacks? Well, since you figured that nobody wants pizza because duh, cliche, and Chinese or Mexican doesn’t really sound good to your stomach, you decide to go for the safest bet; your favorite myshipley cream-filled dozen. Come on. You know watching Captain America throw a bunch of people around goes perfectly with this. And we hope your friend doesn’t notice that you took their Cherry sprinkled one, too. We know it was worth it.

A Way to Support the Producer

Have you ever wondered why the childhood taste of donuts is still there when you drive up or order your favorite Shipley’s online? It’s because we take you and your memories into consideration, and our bakers take several pains to make sure that your favorite donut gives you the same feeling of joy and the same sense of belonging as it did years ago. A great way to celebrate our favorite event of the year would be to support the people who toil day and night to produce our signature donuts, and let them know that their effort is not going unnoticed.

Time to Reflect, Kick Back and Relax

You’re a busy individual and there’s moments that you simply value as more than anything else; priceless. You come home from a long day at work, and to your surprise it’s National Donut Day and your family is waiting at the table for you to share your favorite donuts with them. You get some time for reflection and introspection, and realize that sometimes its just about you and the moments you value the most and the people that you value the most. And that’s what myshipleydonuts is here for. Sharing our joy of giving with the people that we value most : You. We enjoy our service, our expansive menu of the humble American confectionery and its various forms. And we are proud of the fact that we get to do this on a daily basis. Happy National Donut Day, everyone.

Order your favorite myshipleydonuts here, and while you’re at it, check out the history of the day we eagerly wait all year and how it came to be here.

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