All About Houston’s 24 Hour Donut Shop

Tuesday, 16th April 2019

Houston, Texas is a city that does not sleep – and neither does Houston’s 24 hour Donut Shop, MyShipleyDonuts.

The Houston metropolitan area is busy and bustling. Thankfully, no matter if you’re a night owl or an early bird, you can get delicious, fresh donuts any time of day from MyShipleyDonuts.

Situated on Westheimer Road, MyShipleyDonuts is Houston’s best 24 hour donut shop that serves hot donuts, kolaches, coffee, and more all day, every day.

Read on to learn more about our 24 hour donut shop!

24 hr donut shop, 24 hour donut shop

4 Ways to Enjoy Houston’s 24 Hour Donut Shop

The trick to enjoying your donuts is having them fresh every single time. After all, no one likes a stale donut. When done right, donuts are satisfying, warm, and delicious.

There are several ways you can enjoy your donuts from our 24 Hour Donut Shop:

24 hour donut shop, 24 hr donut shop1. Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

Ditch the traditional cakes and include donuts at your next event. Amplify the fun with our themed character donuts, perfect for any kid’s birthday party.

Fundraisers are a great place for donuts, too. The donuts usually fly off the shelf and you can focus on meeting fundraiser goals while we take care of the event catering for you.

Our donuts add a special touch to any event. Order from our array of over 60 delectable varieties. Each treat is carefully made with your satisfaction in mind.

24 hr donut shop, 24 hour donut shop2. Satisfy That Craving

Have you ever suddenly had a strong craving for a sweet treat but then you look at the clock and see that it’s after hours? What a bummer! Having a donut place you can go to  after hours would be a great solution. That’s where our 24 hour donut shop comes in.

Our 24 hour donut shop offers you a unique opportunity to indulge your cravings at your convenience. You no longer have to wait until morning to go out for donuts.

Just hop into your car and satisfy your donut craving anytime at our 24 hour donut shop on Westheimer.

24 hr donut shop, 24 hour donut shop3. Bring the Party with Breakfast Catering

Tired of looking for a place that opens early to use for early meetings and fun event schedules? Look no further than MyShipleyDonuts.

Donuts are always a welcome sweet treat. For the savory treat lovers, a taste of our Shipley Bold Sausage and Cheese kolache will hit the spot. Plus, we offer coffee, too!

Whether you’re hosting a business meeting, birthday party, fundraiser event, walk-a-thon, wedding, or something else, our 24 hr donut shop has your back.

Make your gathering one people won’t forget; order breakfast catering from MyShipleyDonuts today.

24 hr donut shop, 24 hour donut shop4. Boost Team Morale at Work

How often do you hear “I need my coffee to get rolling this morning”?  It’s a very common statement in the workplace. A lot of people feel energized after a cup of hot coffee, so why not use it to help your employees tackle Mondays (and the rest of the week) with more energy and motivation along with a sweet treat?

It might just inspire a culture that could replace the Monday drudgery at your workplace.

Research has shown that Mondays have the highest rate of absenteeism in the workplace. Many people just manage to drag themselves back into work mode after an exciting weekend. Motivate your employees with a Monday routine of freshly made donuts and kolaches from Houston’s 24 hour donut shop.

Become the office favorite by bringing coffee, donuts, and kolaches into your next meeting!

24 hr donut shop, 24 hour donut shop5. Improve Productivity

Improve employee morale and reduce Monday “call-ins” at your workplace by providing MyShipleyDonuts and kolaches to your staff.

Make Mondays a day to look forward to, with catered donuts and kolaches.

Nobody wants to miss getting MyShipleyDonuts at work.

Missing Mondays will mean missing the special treat for that week. If you have different shifts no one needs to be left out, as our donut shop is open 24 hours daily. And don’t forget the coffee! We are your one-stop shop for your business catering needs. To organize your company’s first Monday breakfast treat, order online now!

24 hr donut shop, 24 hour donut shop

What Sets Us Apart

From donuts and kolaches to beignets and frappes, we have everything you need for a delicious breakfast. Yeast and cake filled donuts, espressos, and smoothies for your pleasure. Our menu is comprehensive and offers tons of delicious treats, as well as a full coffeehouse menu.

You can have breakfast for dinner or that midnight snack you’ve been craving. Essential service workers know this all too well. By the time it is time for work, especially for those in the evening shift, all the donut and kolache places are either closed or are serving the last batch of the day, which often leaves you with a smaller selection. But not at MyShipleyDonuts. Get your donuts no matter what time day it is. Begin the journey to total satisfaction and indulge in our delicious donuts.

Order Donuts and More from Houston’s Premier 24 Hour Donut Shop

Now you know where to enjoy a freshly made donut or kolache any time of day in the Houston area. Our 24 hour donut shop is at your service.

Call MyShipleyDonuts now at 713-589-3292 to place your order or simply click the button below to order online.

24 hr donut shop, 24 hour donut shop

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