Are Donuts Breakfast or Dessert ?

Sunday, 12th September 2021

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Are Donuts Breakfast or Dessert: Shipley Donuts Puts an End to the Debate Once and for All 

Ah, here we are again. Trying to find a middle ground for a conflict as old as time. Are donuts considered breakfast or dessert? What is the best time to indulge in these sweet, delicate pastries?


According to Shipley Donuts? All the time is donut time.


But overall, the opinions differ.


Some people consider donuts to be an essential part of their morning routine, while others find them a perfect snack to end the day. The crowd you stand by depends on your perception of donuts.


Before we dive into these two very different perceptions about donuts, let’s first understand the origin of these snacks.


Now, Shipley Donuts has already done an “extensive history of donuts” blog where we explained how donuts came to be one of the most renowned foods in America.


So, for this blog, we are keeping it short.


Donuts were brought to America by the Dutch in the form of oily cakes. Soon, these oily cakes evolved to have holes between them and became one of America’s most favorite foods.


During the early stages of evolution, donuts were considered desserts, thanks to their delicate and spongy appearance and sweet taste.


Soon came the donut machines and donuts became an intrinsic part of the bakeries all across the country. And this is when these delectable fried cakes started to move into the breakfast category.


The reason most people consider donuts as breakfast food has to do with coffee. Surprise, surprise!


Btw, Shipley Donuts also offers freshly brewed cup of decaf coffee to go with your choice of donuts, beignets, kolaches, and other items on Shipley’s menu.


Anyway, since most bakeries used to serve coffee to their customers along with their choice of bread, donuts, too, fell into the trend and ended up becoming breakfast food.


Aren’t we all glad about that? Wait, maybe not all of us. Some of us still prefer donuts as desserts to satiate our thirst for sweetness after a yum meal.


There you have it, the versatility of donuts. We can see that over the years, donuts have been both a form of dessert and breakfast food and continue to do so, depending on the person you ask.


So it all comes down to preference. But what makes someone prefer donuts for breakfast or for dessert? This is where it gets a bit psychological in the best way possible.


Let’s take a look:


The Breakfast Perception: What Shipley Donuts Think About Donuts for Breakfast


What could be a better start to your day than biting into a hot and pillowy soft donut while sipping on your coffee? Not many things, we suppose. And perhaps that is why the people who prefer donuts as breakfast food do so.


But that’s not it.


When you wake up in the morning, your blood sugar levels are low as you have been fasting since last night’s dinner. This lack of sugar does not sit well with our brains.




Because our brains need sugar (specifically, glucose) to function properly. 


We are basically saying that our brain screams at us every morning to get us to consume something sweet. And donuts, as we all know it, are the tastiest way to get your fair share of sugar to maintain energy throughout the day.


So, if you are among the ones who prefer donuts as breakfast, we get you.


The Dessert Stance: Shipley Donuts’ Point of View on Donuts as Dessert


Then there are those who swear by donuts’ place as desserts. And we, at Shipley Donuts, couldn’t agree more.


What is a dessert? According to Google, desserts are sweet courses eaten at the end of meals. And donuts probably make the best end to any meal out there.


We believe there is no meal out there that can’t be complemented with a donut at the end of it.


Think about it.


You have had your fill of the tastiest meal. You are too full to think about any other food for the next hour or so. But you don’t feel complete. A craving still remains in your heart for something to end such a special meal.


A dessert, perhaps?


Yes. Because desserts don’t go to your stomach, they go to your heart.


Especially if it is a Shipley Donut brought to you hot and glazed right out of the glazer.


So, yes. Donuts can indeed make for a great dessert, and Shipley Donuts stands by everyone who thinks the same.


The Shipley Verdict


Look, we are not here to judge you on your choices of how you like your donuts. If anything, we are here to serve your cravings for these scrumptious pastries.


But as we mentioned, we are here to settle for a middle ground.


So, we thought about it day and night and, after weeks of contemplation and consultation, came to a conclusion that we think should work for everyone.


What we are proposing is probably the best way to settle this debate.


Hear us out.


You ready?


We propose two donuts every day: one for breakfast and one for dessert.


This will allow you to look at donuts in a different light. If you prefer donuts as breakfast, you will get an insight into how it really feels to eat donuts as dessert and vice versa.


In the meantime, you will also be able to indulge in your favorite pastries at your preferred time as well. A win-win scenario. Thank us later.


Whether you prefer donuts as breakfast or dessert, you can order your favorite donuts any time through myshipleydonuts. online or visit our nearest drive-thru. Shipley Donuts is open 24*7 to serve your cravings for donuts, regardless of the time.

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