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Tuesday, 18th July 2017


Enjoy Donut Delivery from Shipley Do-Nuts

If you love Shipley Do-Nuts, then donut delivery is perfect for you! Times have changed – you no longer have to wrench yourself out of bed if you’re craving donuts, coffee, and kolaches from Shipley Do-Nuts. The Internet has given us the power to do so many things – and one of them is making your life easier and your breakfast more convenient. Don’t want to change out of your pajamas? No problem. You can now enjoy the delicious taste of Shipley Do-Nuts from the comfort of your home. Need a pick-me-up snack for your team at the office but don’t want to be late to work? We’ve got the solution for you. Whether you’re at home or anywhere else, donut delivery is available to sate your hunger at your convenience! All it takes to order is a few button clicks, and it’s fast, easy, and secure.

Here’s how to order:

Get Online

Ordering donut delivery is easier than ever with our online ordering system. Head to our Online Ordering page at From there, you will be given three options: Corporate Catering & Delivery, Home Delivery, or Store Pickup. Click on the “Start Order” button beneath the appropriate option you desire. The system will prompt you for what you want to order and what time you’d like to either pick it up or have it delivered.

Use the DoorDash App

You can also order through the DoorDash app on your smartphone or tablet if you prefer doing it that way. If you haven’t heard of DoorDash, it is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to order food remotely from thousands of restaurants and shops all over the city and have it delivered to your door! Just head to the App Store or the Google Play Store to download the DoorDash app. Once downloaded, open it and type in “My Shipley Donuts” to find us and start your order. It’s that easy!

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Skip the Line With Store Pickup

With Store Pickup, you can beat the long lines in the morning. No waiting in the drive-through line anymore or standing around in a queue waiting your turn. Just order online and pick up at the time of your choosing for a quick and easy experience. For added convenience, you can pay either online or at the store when you pick up your order. It’s up to you!

Corporate Catering & Delivery

Shipley Do-Nuts makes it easy to feed your team or coworkers at big events. Large corporate orders require at least 24-hour advance notice. Orders can be placed up to 30 days in advance. The minimum corporate delivery order is $35. Delivery is available throughout the entire Greater Houston area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just click on the “Start Order” button on our Online Ordering page to complete your order.

Catering and Donut Delivery Works for Any Event!

If you’re wondering whether donut delivery (and this includes beignets, drinks, kolaches, and our other delicious products) is right for your event, the answer is yes. We cater and deliver to just about anywhere at any event. Some examples include:

  • Corporate events, office parties, and business meetings
  • Tailgate parties
  • School fundraisers
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Luncheons
  • Sleepovers and birthday parties
  • Church and Sunday School classes
  • After-school clubs and sports teams
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
  • Spontaneous late-night munchies emergencies
  • 24-hour operations such as fire houses, police stations, call centers, TV and radio stations, and hospitals

Start Your Order Now!

No matter where your craving hits, Shipley Do-Nuts is ready to deliver donuts, kolaches, coffee, or whatever you want to your door whenever you desire! Simply click the button below to start your order immediately.

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Visit Shipley Do-Nuts at 12403 Westheimer (between Dairy Ashford & Kirkwood) not only for the best hot, pillowy soft Shipley Do-Nuts you’ve ever wrapped your lips around but also all varieties of fresh, warm kolaches offered 24 hours a day at our Houston donut shop.