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Thursday, 2nd August 2018

Donut delivery Houston. You’ve typed this in Google in the past with less than pleasing results. Well, that changes today. Shipley Do-Nuts, the Houston donut shop you know and love, can deliver you the best donuts in Houston anytime, day or night. So if you’re wondering what would be the perfect time for donut delivery, read the stories below for inspiration.

Are Donuts What You Crave?

It will be the perfect welcome home he never knew he needed.

The Return From Overseas

donuts delivered anytime
Your son just returned from his stint in the Peace Corps and you couldn’t be more proud. He was out there helping the world just like you raised him to. And while he couldn’t help but gush in his emails about all the good he got to do, the one thing he mentioned most about home was Shipley’s Do-Nuts. So while you both waited for his bags at baggage claim you decided to set up a little surprise for when you got home: a donut delivery of all his favorites and yours for you to share after dinner. It will be the perfect welcome home he never knew he needed.

Get the Flavors of Home Delivered Today!

Send new Houstonians a donut delivery to help them discover the town.

The Engagement

donut delivery Houston

You’re sitting at home enjoying a quiet night of reading and tea when your phone rings.

“Ma, I did it, ” your son says. “I was really nervous but I knew if I didn’t do it now I never would and…she said yes. I’m engaged!”

“Oh, honey that’s wonderful! So does this mean she’ll move to Houston officially?”

“YES! In a few weeks! I cannot wait!”

As you get off the phone you start to think about what it was like when you were new to Houston. There was a lot to explore and so much unpacking to do that you didn’t discover Shipley until weeks later. Suddenly you get an idea! What if your new daughter-in-law-to-be got a “Welcome to Houston” delivery of Shipley Do-Nuts? She’ll get to taste the best donuts in Houston and because they’ll be delivered, it will save her more time for unpacking! Plus, with her move being a few weeks away this will give you time to plan the best donut delivery there is.

To order donut delivery click on “order online” and then click on “start order” under the home delivery option. Then pick out your favorites and enjoy!

Unpack the Flavor with Shipley Do-Nuts Delivery!

With our 24-hour donut shop, you can get donuts delivered anytime. 

New Homeowners

donut delivery Houston

You’ve just finished moving into your new home and you and your husband are wiped. You can’t even think of cooking. As you plop on the coach you say, “Okay. What are we doing for dinner?”

“Pizza?” Your husband suggests

“Nah…I’m kind of in the mood in the for something sweet. Maybe we can do a salty-sweet combo?”

“What place does a combo like that at 9:30 PM?” he asks.

“Shipley! I even think one of their locations is open 24 hours!” You pull up the website on your phone and within moments you order some of the best donuts and kolaches of Houston!

Order the Best Salty-Sweet Combo Around!

The New Repair Shop

Donuts Delivered Anytime

You’ve finally done it! After years of planning and hard work, you have opened up your dream repair shop! A place for the DIYers of Houston to come in and learn how to fix their appliances, or get them fixed. As you set up everything you realize your opening day is missing something. The balloons are nice, but you need a little something extra. Something people can enjoy while they take in all that your shop has to offer. That’s when you recall Shipley’s donut delivery Houston!

With Shipley’s donut delivery you can watch the store while the best donuts in town get delivered for you, your staff, and your customers to enjoy! Make your opening day a little bit sweeter with Shipley Do-Nuts delivery.

With Shipley’s donut delivery you can watch the store while the best donuts in town get delivered to you.

Add Some Sweetness to Your Day!

You can use donut delivery to thank the volunteers who keep this city moving.

The Soup Kitchen Volunteers

Donuts Delivered Anytime

Your girlfriend has been volunteering all day at a Houston soup kitchen and you couldn’t be more proud. You’d love to drop by with a little treat for her but are stuck at the office under mountains of paperwork. As you think about what you can do, a thought pops into your head: Your girlfriend is not the only one giving up their day to help others. So why not treat everyone else along with your girlfriend?

That’s when you order a large delivery of donuts, kolaches, and coffee to the soup kitchen volunteers. They and your girlfriend will get the fuel they need to help fuel up others. A win-win for all involved.

Try Out Our Donut Delivery Houston Today!

Whether you want to thank the many volunteers who keep this city running, welcome new Houstonians, or want donuts without leaving the couch, get donut delivery Houston with Shipley Do-Nuts today! And with our 24-hour location, you can satisfy your donut craving anytime! Just the click on the button below to start your journey to flavor town!

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