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Thursday, 31st January 2019

Want donuts right now? Then you must be looking for MyShipleyDonuts near me, because we’ve got the donuts anytime, 24/7. Day or night, you can have your creme-filled, your chocolate glazed, and your beignets.

“How is that possible?” you ask. It’s thanks to our 24 hour donut shop. No longer do you have to fit your busy day around the donuts. The donuts are here, waiting for you, anytime. Here are some examples of how to fit Shipley’s donuts into your life.

Business Trips

You left town early this morning for an important business trip. You represented your company at a very important meeting. It’s been a long, stress-filled day, and your company has sent you home on the earliest flight back. It’s now 3 AM, and you are driving through town, headed for home, starving.

Your first thought is, “What’s open now?” Your second thought is, “Isn’t there a MyShipley’s near me?” and yes! You see one right up the street. You pull into the parking lot, get a couple of filled donuts, and suddenly order is restored to the universe.

Musical Inspiration

This is it! The big time! You finally got your first big music composing gig. You’re scoring a 30-minute film, and the deadline is tight. The director and producer don’t speak music and are having a hard time telling you exactly what they want. One day the producer says, “Make it more upbeat.” The next day the director says, “Make it more downbeat.” And you have no clue what to do.

One afternoon as you munch on your MyShipley’s donut holes, lightning strikes. You roll out some waxed paper onto the table and draw staff and a few barlines. You start placing donuts holes on the lines and spaces, creating the most delicious, edible noteheads, and before you know it, the Main Title Theme has practically written itself.

Early Morning Appointments

You’ve signed on to the Peace Corps, good for you! As you make your final preparations for your big trip, you need one more doctor’s appointment to get a few more papers signed. Unfortunately, your doctor only has one appointment available, and it’s at 7 AM. Who knew doctors even saw people at 7 AM?

Of course, you had to go to the appointment fasting so they could do a blood draw. As you walk out the door, you’re famished, starving, about to keel over. What can you do? Hey! MyShipley’s is open! You head right on over and order a box of your favorite 12 donuts, and all is right with the world.

After Practice

You were hitting it hard today. The big homecoming game is this weekend, and you want to be ready. As you put your pads into your locker, you realize you left all your energy on the goal line. Your teammates feel the same way as they ask, “Dude, wanna go to Shipley’s Donuts with us?”

Soon the whole defensive team is headed over to MyShipley’s and order a couple of dozen donuts. As you argue over which would make a better long pass, the chocolate cake donut, or the traditional glazed, you are glad to know that you can get donuts anytime.

Science Class

You are sitting in a science class, and it’s such a bore. The day suddenly looks a little brighter, though, as the professor has just announced that you will be playing science Jeopardy for the rest of the class. You breathe a sigh of relief and relax in your chair, knowing that all the smarty-pants kids will answer the questions.

A student says, “I’ll take delicious theories for $600.” The professor reads, “A cosmological model proposed by Yakov Borisovich Zel’dovich and Alexei Starobinsky in 1984 at the Landau Institute in Moscow.” With horror, you realize that the buzzer sound is coming from you. In a panic, you look around the room and spot a box of Shipley donuts. You reply, “What is the donut theory?”

“Correct!” the professor beams, and the day is saved.

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