Make Your Date Night Delightful with Added Sugary Sweetness

Wednesday, 6th November 2019

Is your date night giving you jitters? Ah well, you aren’t the first one to have cold feet before the big night.

But with the right attitude and perfect dating food, you can make it all work.

Let go of messy cheeseburgers and delight your date with the tempting sweetness of donuts. Get creative and order donut delivery at your chosen venue.

Now, here are some ideas to sweeten up your date night with donuts:

Music, Food, and Love

Come October, Houston is prepping up for Festa Italiana. What an opportunity to woo your girl! The event will run from October 10 through the weekend until October 13, 2019. It’s a unique cultural event with lots to explore and have a fantastic time together. Live music performances might steal the heart of your love. So, why not give it a try?

Book tickets for her favorite band and groove to the popular tunes. When hungry, grab a sweet snack! Order our iconic donuts with strawberry glaze, chocolate glaze, cherry icing, or sprinkles.

“Go to any event of your choice in Houston and order donut delivery online for your sweetheart.”

Pair Donuts with Beer Buddies

Yep, it does taste great! You can pair sugar-coated donuts with your favorite beer. It adds the roasted flavors to your sugary snack, exactly as you’d love it. Let us also suggest a more inventive pairing – chocolate donuts with pale ale for a citrusy pop-up.

Don’t want to slip out of your cozy cocoon? Just place your order online for donut delivery from MyShipleyDonuts.

Treat for a Backyard BBQ

If planning a date night for the weekend, nothing’s better than a backyard BBQ. Grill cheese and sausages for spicy treats.

And for desserts, ditch your cakes and order cute donuts from us. We can make heart-shaped donuts with a variety of toppings for you and your sweetheart.

Love in the Dessert

For some dating adventure, choose an alternative date spot and go straight for a dessert. Sounds different?

Not so, because going straight to dessert is hassle-free and fun. Most of the options are safe and yummy. If your girl likes ice-cream, just pop it in a tub and grab a spoon. And if she loves sugary cake snacks like donuts, there’s a wide variety to satiate her sweet tooth.

Regale with Comedy

If a comedy show followed by Karaoke competition is your idea of romance, book tickets for Death by Karaoke at the Secret Group on October 1, 2019. Well, compete in karaoke and win a bar tab for your date.

Busy on the 1st? Go for $2 Bill Two Dollar Comedy Show for a happy hour that takes place every Wednesday. Though there will be free chips and salsa, why not delight your sweetheart with sugary glazed donuts after the karaoke.

“Try a comedy night or a Karaoke for your date and add the sweetness of donuts from MyShipleyDonuts.”

Go for a Movie Date Night

You’ll love the movie date night with a classic screening at the First Colony Mall on October 3, 2019. They’re playing Disney’s Hocus Pocus this day, and they play popular classics on every first and third Wednesday. While enjoying a movie with your date, get donut delivery online for the hearty snacks.

So, when you have a date planned out, and you got places to visit, ordering snacks online will keep you on schedule. It’ll surprise your date with a sweet treat, and of course, make it an even more memorable day.

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