How Our New Location 24 Hour Donut Shop is Different

Wednesday, 30th November 2016


Get Shipley Do-Nuts Day or Night

With our new location on 12403 Westheimer in Houston, we offer even more to our customers. Our donuts may be pretty tasty and unique, but we like to stand out from the crowd. Although a 24 hour donut shop is different enough as it is, we do have a few more things that separate us from the rest. So how can we offer more if we are just a donut shop? Well, there are plenty of ways.

Fresh Beignets, Kolaches, and Glazed Donuts 24/7

No matter what time, we provide kolaches, beignets, and glazed donuts to satisfy any kind of craving 24/7.  We offer all varieties of kolaches made fresh at anytime. If you’re in the mood for a sausage and cheese, or jalapeno and cheese, we’re ready. Or if you’re in a New Orleans kind of mood, we have our beignets made to order, fresh and warm, just for you. Of course, our original glazed donuts are also available at anytime as well. Their signature taste might just make you nostalgic for your childhood, or make even the toughest day a little easier. No matter what you feel like eating, we’ve got you covered.

Coca-Cola Freestyle

Oh yes, it’s happening. We have a soda fountain filled with every coke product. And it’s just a touch away. For example, you want a coke, but not a regular coke. You’re in the mood for a cherry coke. It’s just a touch away. Or maybe you’re in the mood for Fanta. We have every flavor displayed on a screen. No matter what soda you’re in the mood for, we’ve got them all (as long as they’re coke product). Plus, the Coca-Cola Freestyle looks pretty cool.

Huge Dining Area

Not only do we have a big dining area, but we also have a big TV for you and your friends to hang out. If you want to hold a meeting or a party? We’re able to section off the area, however, you want to use it. You can also come hang out and enjoy television with your friends. Our 24 hour donut shop gives you the option to enjoy yourself while also enjoying our food. Plus, we like to show off our new beautiful interior and comfortable seating. It’s just something extra for you to feel at home.

Outdoor Patio

Our partially outdoor covered patio holds 16 seats, enough for a large group of friends to hang out. Houston can have pretty nice weather year round. We want our costumers to enjoy the weather while also enjoying our delicious treats. Whether you’re enjoying each other’s company or enjoying the fresh air, take a seat and relax on our patio.

Kitchen Ready

More production equipment as well as a bigger kitchen means a higher capacity to fulfill even bigger orders. Oh yeah, we’re kitchen ready. The more we can produce means more food. And if you love food, that means you’ll be happier. It’s a win for everyone.

Free Wi-Fi

You read that correctly. In case you’re running low on your data, we’ll take care of that problem. Or maybe you want to escape from your roommate to write an essay at midnight. And just in case you want to show a funny cat video, you won’t have to use up your remaining data.

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How Our New Location 24 Hour Donut Shop is Different | Shipley Do-Nuts, Houston TX


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