Shipley’s Downtown Houston Donut Catering Services

Wednesday, 18th November 2015


Downtown Houston Donut Catering

Do you love donuts? Why not brighten your mornings with great tasty and freshly prepared donuts just for you. Start your morning the right way with Shipley’s delicious baked confectioneries prepared and delivered to your door at the time and place you want them, fresh and hot- guaranteed. Almost everyone loves donuts and if you are in the Houston area, Shipley Donuts will bring your freshly prepared donuts to your home or office at your convenience. It’s that simple. This article explores the variety of baked donuts and other tasty products from Shipley’s downtown Houston donut catering services

Shipley Donuts have the best donuts in and around the Houston area. They also serve delicious Beignets and Kolaches including:

  • Shipley Classic Glazed
  • Chocolate Glazed
  • Donut Holes
  • Beignets


You get your hot order delivered to your desired location in the Houston area the way you want them fresh and hot guaranteed. You can chose from Sausage & Cheese, Ham & Cheese, Jalapeno Sausage and Cheese, Shipley Bold Jalapeno Sausage & Cheese in addition to their delicious hot and fresh beignets-spicy Italian Sausage with Provolone Cheese. All these specialties are delivered to you when and where you need them hot and fresh-guaranteed.

Iced/Coated Donuts Mixed Variety from Downtown Houston Donut Catering from Shipley

Wrap your lips around hot and assorted mixed variety donuts from Shipley’s tasty menu including:

Chocolate Iced, White Iced, Maple Iced, Cherry Iced (red), Strawberry Iced (pink),Orange Iced, Coconut Iced, Chocolate Iced Nut, Cinnamon Sugar, Plain Sugar, Sugar White (powdered), Crunchy, Bullseye and, Oreo Cookie

Sprinkled Donuts -Shipley Mixed Variety Downtown Houston Donut Catering

Choose from Shipley’s mixed variety options such as White Sprinkle, Strawberry Sprinkle (pink), Cherry Sprinkle (red), and Chocolate Sprinkle. You will not taste better fresh and hot baked donuts anywhere in the Metropolitan areas of Houston than at Shipley. Come to Shipley or Shipley will come to you. We offer Hot Donuts 24 Hours a day-Guaranteed, Drive Through Window open 24 hours a Day, Full Espresso Bar, Frappes & Smoothies, Online Ordering, Catering services and Delivery.

Mixed Variety of Filled Donuts

At Shipley we take pride in serving you. We designed our service around our customers’ sophisticated taste. We have a full line of Mixed Variety of Filled Donuts our customers love, including, Lemon Filled, Chocolate Filled, Cherry Filled, Strawberry Filled, Apple Filled, Blueberry Filled, Raspberry Filled, Bavarian (custard) Filled, White Cream Filled, Chocolate Cream Filled, Devils Food, and  Boston Cream.

Cake Donuts Mixed Variety

Shipley’s Cake Donuts Mixed Variety will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste around. We offer, Plain Cake, Cake Glazed, Buttermilk Cake, Buttermilk Cake Glazed, and Chocolate Iced Cake. The rest of our Cake variety offers include, Chocolate Iced Nut Cake, Plain Sugar Cake, Cinnamon Sugar Cake, Coconut Iced Cake, White Iced Cake, Blueberry Cake, Blueberry Cake Glazed, and Chocolate Cake. We guarantee freshness and hot Donuts with 24 hour drive through window service.

Downtown Houston Donut Catering Specialty Items and Rolls

We serve specialty items and rolls such as:

  • Beignets
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Cinnamon Twist Or Tiger Tail
  • Bear Claw Or Butterfly Roll
  • Iced Nut Cinnamon Roll
  • Mini Cinnamon Roll
  • Filled Bar
  • Bavarian cream and much more

Shipley Catering Services

Why not let our experienced staff prepare freshly baked donuts for your next event? We have customer friendly and courteous staff to serve all your catering needs any time you want to stage an event. Contact Shipley today to discuss your catering and delivery needs at (713) 589-3292 for our Westheimer location or at (713) 651-3033 for our McKinney St location!.[:]

We deliver where
your heart desires

Visit Shipley Do-Nuts at 12403 Westheimer (between Dairy Ashford & Kirkwood) not only for the best hot, pillowy soft Shipley Do-Nuts you’ve ever wrapped your lips around but also all varieties of fresh, warm kolaches offered 24 hours a day at our Houston donut shop.