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Monday, 31st December 2018

[:en]“Best donuts near me.” You have been craving donuts all day. You don’t why, you just know you want donuts. So you do what everyone else does, you google “best donuts near me.” After scrolling through the zillions of hits you spot Shipley.

If you want to know why Shipley is the best donuts near you, read on.

Order the Glazed Goodness

Get the donut holes you know and love.

Donut Holes Checkersbest donuts near me

You and your friend are playing checkers. It’s your turn and no matter what you do, you can’t make a move. Oh, you’re sure there’s a move to make, you just can’t see it. The more you stare at the board the more confusing it looks. Until you catch a glimpse of the Shipley’s Do-nuts box on the table nearby.

“Are those donut holes?” you ask.

“Oh, thanks for reminding me,” your friend says. “I completely forgot! Want one?” You nod. She opens the box. Instead of taking one or two, you take several. Then, one-by-one, you replace each checker with a donut. You have the plain donuts holes while you give your friend the sprinkled donut holes. Suddenly, the game makes sense and your move is clear. You hop your donut over your friend’s and BOOM! You’ve won!

“Well, that was interesting,” your friend says, “Round two?”

“You bet!” you say. And because your friend has plenty of donut holes, you can play all night.

Cake Donut Partybest donuts near me

Your family is gearing up for a reunion and you’ve been tasked with baking the cake.

“Why me?” you think to yourself. “I don’t know jack about baking.”

You sift through some cake recipes when a thought occurs to you: “Duh! I could buy the cake! It’s not like they’re going to turn me into the baking police. Wait! Even better, I’ll get cake donuts! It’s the best of everything. Cake in donut form!”

By the end of the reunion, the cake donuts are down the crumbs. When you’re about to leave your mother says, “Great idea with the donuts. You’re in charge of the cake from now on!” Now that’s happy news. All because you ordered Shipley’s cake donuts.

Need Donuts for a Party?

Start your vacation with Shipley Do-Nuts.

best donuts near meFilled Donut Challenge

Your YouTube channel is going great. You’re gaining subscribers more steadily now and you couldn’t be happier. There’s just one problem. You don’t know what to film next. Worse still, it’s Vlogmes, the month all YouTube Stars vlog every day of the month. And you’ve got nothing for tomorrow.

That’s when your friend says, “Why don’t we do a filled donut challenge?”

“Filled donut challenge? What’s that?” Your friend pulls up Shipley’s menu.

“It’s simple,” she says. “All we have to do is have someone get a bunch filled donuts from Shipley. Then we’ll wear blindfolds and try to guess what the fillings are. People will LOVE it!”

And they do. Just an hour after uploading you’ve got 100 more subscribers. All thanks to Shipley.

The Beignet Breakbeignets Houston

Your final class has ended for the semester. You could not be happier. Finally, a few days to do nothing but relax and chill. You can’t wait to get started. But on the drive home from college, you realize you have no snacks! You already have the holiday movie picked out. Same for the drink. You just need a little sweet treat to set-off the vacation.

That’s when you see Shipley Do-Nuts. “Wait,” you think. “Don’t they have beignets? They do!” You pull into Shipley Do-Nuts and order a box. Turns out these sugary beignets are just what you needed.

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We’ve been making delicious donuts since 1936. If you’re craving the classics, or just want a taste of Houston, click below to order Shipley Do-Nuts or come by our two locations today. We have all types of donuts from caked to glazed, kolaches, and let’s not forget our French Quarter beignets.

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