Shipley’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Wednesday, 22nd May 2019

Not sure what to give Mom as a Mother’s Day gift? Are you going around town trying to find something she will love? Or is Mom just too picky and not sure what will be the right gift for her?

Don’t worry! MyShipleyDonuts has the perfect Mother’s Day gift guide you will love! It is filled with many options and assorted flavors that are sure to please anyone!

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The Best of Both Worlds

When you think about ordering from MyShipleyDonuts, you might think you are only getting sweet items and donuts! Well, think again!

Did you know MyShipleyDonuts actually sells savory treats, too? They have been working hard since 1936, pleasing customers for generations! Keep reading to find out all of the options in the best Mother’s Day gift guide in town!


kolaches as a mother's day gift

The first thing in our Mother’s Day gift guide is the kolaches! Getting mom kolaches can be an excellent choice because of the variety of flavors! If she loves spicy foods, a Jalapeño Sausage and Cheese Kolache or Boudin will be the way to go! Or if Mom is simple and loves the basics, you can get her a Plain Sausage or Sausage and Cheese Kolache.

What ever she loves, My Shipley Donuts has the perfect kolaches for mom. Just checkout all the different flavors she can choose from!

  • Snack Sized Kolache
  • Italian with Provolone
  • Shipley Bold Sausage & Cheese
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Grilled Chicken & Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Jalapeño & Cheese

And there’s so much more! Kolaches make a great Mother’s Day gift! While you’re at it, get one for you, too!

“Getting Mom kolaches can be an excellent choice because of the variety of flavors!”

variety of flavored donutsDonuts

Donuts has been a top selling item in the United States. In fact, MyShipleyDonuts is placed #3 in The Best Doughnut Chain in America list!

You can never go wrong when getting donuts for somebody because the options are limitless! You can get a donut with crunchy toppings, smooth and sweet icing, filled, or no icing at all!

There is a donut for every craving!  With this Mother’s Day gift, Mom will be delighted to take a bite of something sweet this Mother’s Day. Check out just some of the flavors below:

  • White Iced Donut
  • Cherry Iced Sprinkled
  • Chocolate Iced
  • Crunchy
  • Oreo Cookie Donut & so much more!

MyShipleyDonuts has any color, flavor, and texture combined with the perfect taste for your Mom this Mother’s Day. Make a donut part of her Mother’s Day gift!

“There is a donut for every craving!”

Refreshing Drinks

If Mom is not so fond of sweet or savory items, maybe a coffee can be the best choice for her as a Mother’s Day gift! You can get her a coffee to begin her day, give her an afternoon rush, or maybe just a late night snack.

Coffee can be a great choice for mom, but MyShipleyDonuts can provide many more options, too!

You can get an iced or hot coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and many other drinks. Make sure Mom is happy this Mother’s Day, as she will love to be cooled and refreshed with this Houston heat. Stay cool and order your drink now!

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“Coffee can be a great choice for mom, but MyShipleyDonuts can provide many more options, too!”

Throw Mom a Party!

With our different packages, Mom is sure to be satisfied! You can select our packages for a brunch at home or order any of the packages as a catered event! We have multiple types of packages that can please a crowd, big or small!

Check out or packages below or click to order now!

  • #1 Package: Feeds 10-15
  • #2 Package: Feeds 20-32
  • #3 Package: Feeds 35-50
  • Large Donut Hole Tray
  • Box Lunches

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than getting a whole team to celebrate her? The more people, the merrier!

This is a great option is because there is a great variety of items in the packages. Mom will be so excited to have MyShipleyDonuts as a great Mother’s Day gift!

“What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than getting a whole team to celebrate her!”

Place Your Mother’s Day Order Today!

Now that you’ve decided that My Shipley Donuts is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for mom, place your order!

You can call us at 713-651-3033 for our Downtown location, (713) 589-3292 for our Westheimer location, or simply click the button below to order your delicious treats!

You will be pleased to have purchased your goodies from My Shipley Donuts as a Mother’s Day gift for Mom!

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