Shipley’s Do-nut Offers Excellent Catering Options

Thursday, 29th January 2015

When the residences of Houston think about donut catering, the first thing that comes into their mind is – Shipley Do-nuts.


Our donut shop was established in 1936. We have been offering catering services to the Houston Community for years and proudly offer fresh hot donuts, delicious beignets, and unique kolaches 24 hours. All items on the menu are made with quality ingredients and our special ingredient – love. That is right! We put our heart and soul into each batch that is made. This is probably one of the main reasons why we are well-known for offering the best donut catering in Houston. With many catering options such as customized donut boxes for special events, over 60 varieties of donuts and famous specialty donuts that cannot be found anywhere else, and refreshing drinks.  So, it is time to get rid of the plain bagels, and lackluster muffins. Add donuts to your next event to add more exciting and absolutely delectable.


Shipley’s Do-nut caters corporate events, fundraisers, private events, company meetings, schools, churches, business functions, and any many other events. Any event that needs deliciously sweet donuts, we will bring our A-Game to every event to make sure all guests are satisfied and well-fed. Whether it is an event with 20 people in attendance or 2,000 people, we can handle orders of any size. We have upgraded our systems so individuals can conveniently place their orders via phone, online, through your smartphone. Our delivery services is offered 24 hours a day to anywhere in the Houston Metro area, so we can cater to for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also gives any 24 hour operations like hospitals, call centers, radio stations, TV stations, or law enforcement a chance to enjoy our mouthwatering donuts. You can either pick up the catering from any of our two locations or we can come to you, either way works for us. We are here to accommodate you and make sure all your catering needs are met. One of our experienced representativess can also help handle setting up for the event to make sure everything goes well.


Aside from providing the Houston community with great tasting golden brown donuts and other pastries such as beignets and kolaches, we wanted to give more back to the community. Currently, we are offering a 10% discount on the total order to all schools, churches, and non-profit organizations that hire us to cater any of their events.


So always keep us in mind if you are looking for donut catering in Houston. We have made sure to keep our gourmet donut recipe only at our locations. It is what sets us apart from the rest. We are also known for offering the best beignets in Houston. They are so amazing that it is often compared to the original beignets out in New Orleans at Café du Monde. Be sure to contact one of our staff members so they can tell you which specialty donut is their favorite!


We also offer gourmet Kolache delivery, which are served fresh 24 hours. Our location is one of lucky few who carry the legendary “Shipley Bold” kolache, so be sure to add that to the order whenever you stop by or place your order. For those who want to try all the selections, we also offer snack sized kolaches and kolache poppers. Be on the lookout for when Boudain kolaches will be coming soon!!!


Place an order today online or give us a call at (713) 589-3292 and we would be more than happy to assist you!

 Excellent Catering Options

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Visit Shipley Do-Nuts at 12403 Westheimer (between Dairy Ashford & Kirkwood) not only for the best hot, pillowy soft Shipley Do-Nuts you’ve ever wrapped your lips around but also all varieties of fresh, warm kolaches offered 24 hours a day at our Houston donut shop.