More Shipley Donuts Ways to Store Leftover Donuts for Long-Lasting Freshness

Saturday, 6th November 2021

A Picture of Leftover Donuts on a Plate Held By Lady Hands

Why You should Know the Different Ways to Store Leftover Donuts

All of us should know various ways to store leftover donuts.

Becasuse we all love donuts.

There’s something about their warm and sweet taste and creamy structure that wins all our hearts. 

But there’s something more fulfilling about eating leftover donuts.

At MyShipleyDonuts, we believe the world would be a better place with more donuts.

Think about it…

 You come home from work or school and find a couple of leftover donuts from yesterday’s party waiting to add taste to your life. Delightful!

There’s a joy in munching on leftover snacks that you thought were finished.

Especially if it’s from MyShipleyDonuts. Because we make our donuts with utmost care and love so you can feel the rich taste in every bite.

However, in order for you to always have a donut for your comfort, you will have to figure out ways to store leftover donuts.

If you order a dozen classic glazed from MyShipleyDonuts and eat a few of them, you would still have plenty left. (basic math, really)

So what do you do with those donuts?

How do you store leftover donuts so they remain fresh for weeks and months? 

MyShipleyDonuts has suggested several ways to store your leftover donuts before, including plastic boxes, a fridge, and a freezer.

If you want to keep the donuts fresh for a couple of days, a plastic box at room temperature should do just fine. 

For a week of storage, you should use a fridge.

If you have more extended plans, you can use a freezer to freeze the donuts for 2-3 months. 

Note: Your way to store leftover donut depends on the kind of donut you are storing.  

For instance, cream-filled donuts tend to lose their freshness sooner because of the milk content. 

Glazed donuts, on the other hand, tend to be fresher for a long time.

So, let’s take a look at how you can keep different varieties of donuts fresh for longer:

The first and foremost thing to remember about keeping donuts fresh is understanding the kind of donuts you wish to store.

According to the type of donuts, you can take specific steps to keep them fresh.

What Are the Best Ways to Store Leftover Donuts to Keep them Fresh?

Cake Donuts

Cake Donut


Cake donuts are made with sweetened dough, which is leavened with baking powder and fried in oil. They have a slightly crunchy exterior and soft interior.

Cake donuts are also easy to store. All you need to do is wrap them in paper and put them in a plastic container.

Cake donuts can last as long as five days if they are stored in an airtight container. You can also refrigerate them to keep them fresher for weeks.

Yeast Donuts

A picture of yeast Donut


Yeast donuts are your classic glazed, the best-selling donuts at MyShipleyDonuts. These donuts can go bad quite quickly if not kept properly.

Yeast donuts usually last 2-4 days at room temperature and about a week in the fridge. The best way to keep them fresh is to wrap them in plastic foil and keep them from drying off. 

Filled Donuts

A Pack of filled Donuts in Ways to Store Leftover donuts


Filled donuts are the yummiest of the lot. One bite, and there’s an avalanche of rich cream in your mouth. 

However, the cream also makes these donuts more likely to go bad.

It is better not to keep filled donuts for long. It is better to enjoy its rich cream texture before it goes bad. And it will go bad because of the dairy content. 

Keep these donuts in a fridge for a day or two and not any later.

Iced Donuts

Iced Donuts in Ways to Store Leftover Donuts


Iced donuts don’t go well with the fridge as a fridge can create a moist environment causing the donut to lose its glaze.

They are best kept fresh at room temperature in an airtight container. 

Wrap them in paper and keep them safe and fresh in a tight container for later indulgence.

Sprinkled Donuts

Sprinkled Donuts in Ways to Store Leftover Donuts


Sprinkled donuts are similar to yeast donuts, except the have sprinkles on top. 

Depending on how long you want to keep them fresh, you can keep them in a container, fridge, or freezer. 

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