5 Best Valentine’s Day Ideas, Donuts and A Lot More

Monday, 8th February 2021

5 Best Valentine's Day Ideas

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to start planning. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, peeking out and we have a feeling you don’t want to forget one of the only days we get to fully express our love for our counterparts in life.

We’ve talked about the history of the tradition, and while history had plenty of off-days, life usually doesn’t give us many chances to take time out anymore, and especially since we’ve made our turn into the age of digitization the time that we could take out has diminished drastically. In our continuous quest to be everywhere at all times, we have forgotten appreciating the people we’re doing it for. This is for them.

So, what do we do about this?

Cards are paper, paper is irrelevant, flowers and chocolates are something we’ve been doing for decades and we don’t want our partners to think we’re running out of things or that our creativity is lacking, do we? We think we might have a few solutions.

5 Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2021

1. A Fancier Night Out

We know, we know, we talked about cliches, and how they’re only benefiting capitalism, but hear us out. Instead of your usual five-course meal at your usual steakhouse, why not take them to a late-night, personalized drive (where both of you decide the route, of course) and let them indulge in a Shipley’s heart-shaped donut dozen at one of our drive-ins which are open 24/7? Sounds like a plan, and they’ll know how much of a sweetheart you are for feeding them our sweet hearts.


2. The Lady Of The Rings, Anyone?

Yep, we said it. Instead of pieces of fancy jewellery that lose lustre soon as the occasion which warranted their purpose is forgotten, why not get the moon lamp they’ve wanted by their bedside for the six months they’ve been browsing the same account on Instagram that sells them? They get something that they’ll cherish, and you can pat yourself on the back knowing how considerate you are of them. The best.


3. I Forgot It Last Year, And….

You want something that will make up for two years’ worth of your Valentine. Remember how you randomly saw a star map hanging at a roadside bazaar the last anybody was allowed to step out? Well, they are online, in all shapes and sizes. We all appreciate little things that our significant others do for us and remember on our behalf, and even if they’re not into astrology, these little maps that chart the alignment of stars when they were born or when you both met are amongst the grandest of gestures that we could find. A heart-shaped map? Now we’re talking!


4. Rose-Tinted Affairs

So you’ve done everything, tried everything and are now wracking your brain thinking, “What next?”. You know how memories are irreplaceable and cannot always be translated into pieces of paper? That’s where technology comes in. Make a personalized video about how much you cherish them, your favorite memories shared together, and how much value they have and will add top your life moving forward. We seldom get opportunities apart from paltry gifts for genuine gestures of love and support, so we must make the most of them whenever and wherever possible.


5. A Stay(in)cation For The Ages

It’s always been late hours for you both, and work has been dominating personal lives for a long time now. You won’t get another chance to plan a holiday, and there absolutely couldn’t be a better time for that spa day that has eluded you for months, and maybe a pottery class? Or a nice relaxed afternoon spent just with and around the person you cherish? And when you add Shipley’s catering and those luscious limited time Valentine’s Day donuts to the mix, you simply cannot go wrong. And how could you? It falls on a Sunday this year! Talk about stars aligning!


Let Us Take A Moment…

…and appreciate the things that we’re able to do today to make sure that our significant others do not feel left out on their big day. That St. Valentine allows for our hearts to be filled with joy for the people that we cherish, and the fact that we have people who cherish us as well. Valentine’s is special, and they are the ones that make it so.

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Now that you are aware of what you need to do and have a lot of creative ideas about your Valentine’s, we’ll leave it to you to make them the best gift they’ll ever receive. In case you need help, check out our 7 best donuts.

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