5 Types of Food That You Can Replace With Donuts

Monday, 14th June 2021

5 Types of Food That You Can Replace With Donuts

Everybody has been at that conundrum where our favorite foods have begun get a little stale and boring for our palate, and our senses need that little bit of change, a little bit of oomph. Sometimes we need a little bit of variety in our lives, a list of things to choose from to make sure that we’re not living the same day everyday.

Fret not, because once you start to branch out of your favorite food groups, you’ll find how good our signature donuts are at sating those urges.

5 Types of Food That You Can Replace With Donuts

Pizzas aren’t the only circles

Let’s see; the game is on? Check. Your friends are over? Check. You decide to order the same old pepperoni with another random topping like you always have. But someone’s asking for pineapple on their pizza? Hold up. You’ve been having pizza for too long now. Why not switch it up? You aren’t having any of that pineapple, that’s for sure.

You don’t have to worry about game night with same boring pizza anymore. At myshipleydonuts, we’re always available for all your delivery needs. Donut delivery at the palm of your hand, whenever and wherever you want them.

Ice cream? No you don’t

So you’ve just had the date night of your life. You love the fact that they unironically like Scarface just as much as you, and you both went for the same steak dinner with a nice bottle of wine at a nice little cozy joint.

You’re thinking of suggesting dessert, but not the same ice cream deal that everyone is doing for everyone else. You decide to get them your childhood favorite sprinkles at the myshipleydonuts 24/7 drive thru, and share a good time driving around town eating your favorite donuts and sharing 70’s references. Life is going to be good.

Chocolate cake….donuts?

The family dinner this year is nuts. Your parents have brought out the whole spread, no holds barred. You and your siblings, your cousins and their parents, your favorite relatives sitting across the table are all having a great time talking about all the great times that you’ve had and praising your folks for this fantastic arrangement.

As soon as you see your father get up to bring in the cake, you take him to the side and tell him about the better idea, something all of you can enjoy guilt free; chocolate cake donuts. With myshipleydonuts delivery, you get your fresh dozen lightning fast, and now nobody has to share!

PB & uh…no?

We bet you’re tired of packing the same peanut butter and mush sandwiches to school, and having them dry as sand by the time you get to lunch. Are they still even the same way you remember them? We think not. We have a better plan.

So we have the perfect solution! Remember the extra dozen glazed goodness dad brought home from work last night and kept in the fridge? Well why not pack some of those? We can ensure our donuts stay the same until you open them and bite into bliss, so why not?

Breakfast just got leveled up

We get it, you’re loyal to your cereal. A ‘cereal’ offender, eh? Well bad jokes apart, you know you need a break from the constant milk guzzling that you have to do after you’ve obviously finished the ‘healthy’ flakes.

Now you remember how you could just go for a donut or two to go perfectly with your morning coffee. Give your breakfast that step up with a perfect Cherry Sprinkled couple.


Here you go, with your favorite warm and fresh donuts being on the menu, you can spice every day up with just the perfect amount of satisfying variety.

Order your favorite myshipleydonuts online, or go to your nearest 24/7 drive-thru and order up! This’ll never get stale, and neither will our donuts, hand-crafted with love and care. Order up!

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