Working from Home? Here are 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Virtual Donut Meetings

Friday, 14th January 2022

5 Ways to Enjoy Virtual Donut Meetings

Hey, it’s 2022, and most of us are still working from home. So you know what it calls for, right? Virtual donut meetings!


Btw, it’s not the donuts that are virtual in virtual donut meetings. 


Since we are working from home, we have to attend a few meetings throughout our days.


And honestly, the meetings become so lethargic and exhausting that it is a feat to get through them sometimes. 


What if we tell you there is a way to liven up your online meetings? And the way is holding virtual donut meetings.


So, the idea is that every day, you hold a virtual meeting with your team where all of you share some good times and eat a few donuts. 


It’s as simple as that.


Donuts have long been part of meetings and get-togethers. 


From boring corporate summits to charming college reunions, donuts remain an omnipresent party element and a way to bring people together. 


So, why not try it in virtual meetings.


Think about it; virtual donut meetings mean you have something to look forward to every day besides the unimaginative meetings that you have to attend. 


All you need to do is have a week’s supply of MyShipleyDonuts by you, and you are set for the whole week. 


Here are five ways you can make your virtual donut meetings even better:


Enjoy it With Friends


Donuts are best enjoyed with friends. So, make up a list of your friends in the office and invite them personally for your virtual donut meeting. Let everyone know that they have to bring their own boxes of donuts since you can’t share yours online.


Once you have compiled a list of your friends and sent them invitations, choose a time at which all of you can participate in the virtual donut meetings. Once the time is finalized, you can connect with everyone and share quality time with them over some hot and delicious donuts.


Take Your Time


You don’t eat donuts in a hurry. That’s a rule. At My Shipley Donuts, we make our donuts with utmost care and love. We use the best quality dough and carefully prepare each of our donuts until they are baked to perfection. Then we add the toppings and the glaze and let it sink in the dough, softening the structure of the donuts. 


So, you can feel the warmth and flavor in each bite. Therefore, take your time when you are eating donuts, especially the ones from My Shipley Donuts.


Recommend Your Favorite Donuts


Virtual donut meetings are the best time to talk about your favorite donuts with your friends and colleagues. Share your favorite donut flavor with each other, and pretty soon, you will have a long list of donuts that you have not tried. 


If you have tried most donuts, recommend your favorite ones to your friends and ask them to bring them for the next virtual meeting. 


Make it a Game


You can make the virtual donut meetings into an interactive game for an even more enjoyable time. For example, think of a game that all of you can play online and dive into it. Make sure to keep the games short and straightforward so you can enjoy your donut time as well. 


There are a bunch of video call games available online. Choose the one that goes well with each one of the participants and let the fun times begin.


Order from My Shipley Donuts


What is a donut party without My Shipley Donuts? Well…a sad party. We have more than 60 varieties of donuts, and we deliver them wherever and howsoever you want them. You can call or visit My Shipley Donuts for the best quality soft Shipley donuts you have ever wrapped your lips around as well as an assortment of kolaches, coffee cakes, beignets, and more. 


Wrapping it Up


There you go. These are the best ways to make your virtual donut meetings more enjoyable. So, don’t let meetings bring you down anymore. Bring a pack of hot and pillowy Shipley Donuts and make your workdays super exciting. 


Shipley Donuts offer 24*7 drive-thru and delivery.


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So whether you choose beignets or donuts or both, you can visit your nearest Shipley Donut outlet or order online through to satiate your hunger for these mouth-watering pastries.


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