Can My Pets Eat Donuts?

Thursday, 16th December 2021

Can My Pets Eat Donuts?

“Can my pets eat donuts?” This is a question that crosses every fur-parents mind at least once. 


Imagine It’s the weekend. You have had a long week and now you are thinking of munching on snacks, watching some T.V, and relaxing. So you ordered a fresh pack of a dozen mixed donuts from Shipley. 


You open the box, take in the freshly baked smell of soft and pillowy donuts from Shipley, pick one up and bring it to your mouth.


But wait.


You catch two googly eyes staring at you with utmost innocence and desire.


It’s your dog or cat and they can’t help but think you would share those Shipley donuts with them. So, they continue to stare at you, waiting to get their share. 

Cat eyeing food


Now, you are wondering whether perhaps it is not so bad if they eat half a donut. Afterall, who can resist those eyes that stare right into your soul?


So can you feed your pets some donuts to show your love?


We suggest you don’t.


Not that your pets don’t deserve the treats. On the contrary, they are the best boys and girls and deserve the world/


But some snacks including donuts can be harmful for your pets. 


We are not saying if your pet bit into your donut, they would end up hospitalized. 


Nevertheless, donuts contain some potentially lethal ingredients for cats and dogs and therefore it is best to keep them away from these delicacies. 


So the short answer to “can my pets eat donuts?” is no. 


The long answer is also no with a bit of an explanation.


Let’s take a look:


Why Can’t Your Pet Eat Donuts?


We, at Shipley Donuts, make the freshest of donuts in town for humans. We use the best ingredients and make sure each of our donuts are 100% safe and scrumptious for humans.


As much as we would like to, we don’t make donuts for pets. 


Because our pets have a different digestive system than us. 


Dogs, for instance, have smaller digestive tracts so they tend to eat foods that are easier to break down. 


So, it is better not to feed your pets donuts or any kind of food made for humans. 


Donuts Ingredients that Can be Harmful for Pets


What is a donut? A donut is a fried cake made of sweet dough and smeared with a variety of toothsome frostings. 


Essentially, flour, eggs, sugar, butter, baking powder, and icing sugar goes into the making of a donut.


None of these ingredients are inherently fatal for your pets. 


While raw flour can be harmful for your pets, once cooked, it is absolutely safe for your pets to eat. 


Eggs are nutritious and should be fed to the pets every now and then to keep up their stamina.


Sugar is not too great of a food but it is still not harmful for your pets, if taken into small amounts.


You should not let your pets slurp down a bar of butter but they can have a taste without incurring any major health issue. 


So, none of the ingredients that go into making donuts are harmful for your pets. Then why can’t you feed your pets donuts?


That’s because the above-mentioned items are only the most basic ingredients that go into making a donut. 


Donuts come with a lot more stuff that can be potentially harmful for your pets.


These stuff include:




As dear chocolate is to you as harmful it is for your pets. Even a small dose of chocolate can have critical effects on your pets. While milk chocolate, which is often used in the making of donuts, is not as harmful for pets, dark chocolate and baking chocolate can be extremely harmful. 


Artificial flavor


It goes without saying you should keep your pets away from artificial flavors. Some artificial sweeteners such as xylitol are fatal for dogs. While such ingredients don’t come up in the list of ingredients that goes into making donuts, they are present in most donuts. And therefore, you must avoid feeding your pets donuts.




The fillings that go into donuts are often made of artificial sweeteners and chocolates. A range of other flavors and sweeteners are also used in making the fillings of donuts. These flavors and sweeteners can be harmful for your pets or not. It is better to not take the risk of feeding your pets donuts without knowing what goes into your donut.




Toppings are an important part of donuts. Sprinkles, chocolate chips, whipped cream, dry fruits, and a range of other stuff goes on top of donuts. A piece of the topping on your donut probably won’t have an adverse effect on your pets. However, you must understand that dogs and cats are not able to process a number of foods that we consume on a daily basis. 


What to do If Your Dog Eats a Donut?

Dog lying on couch


But it is not that easy? Is it? You can’t just not give treats to your pets and hope they will go away. 


Sometimes our fur babies take it upon themselves to get the treat. It only takes a moment of your ignorance and before you know it, your pets are running away holding a donut between their teeth. 


So, what then?


What if your pets eat a donut or two before you could snatch it away from them?


If they ate the leftover crumbs from your plate, you needn’t be worried.


Nevertheless, if they ate a whole donut, it could be a matter of concern.


The first thing you need to do is contact your vet and let them gauge the situation


They will let you know how worried you really need to be. If they ask you to bring your pet to their clinic, do it asap.


If they ask you to watch over the pets and see if they are behaving abnormally, you should check if your pets are:


  • Lethargic
  • Vomiting
  • Lacking coordination
  • Hyperventilating


If you find your pet suffering from any of these issues, you must rush them to the nearest veterinarian. 


Besides this, you know your pets better than anyone. Pay attention to their behavior. 


If you think they are acting strange, chances are there is something wrong. Otherwise, you don’t have to worry too much.




We hope this article helped you clear the air about whether your pets can eat donuts. 


To sum it up, no, your pets can’t eat donuts and should not be eating any kind of food made for humans.


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