Donut Catering Service for Weddings: 5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Truly Special with Donuts

Thursday, 3rd February 2022

Donut Catering Service for Weddings

Getting hitched? Let’s make the moment more special with our wedding donut catering service.


There’s no doubt that donuts are the ever-green wedding desserts. 


Over the years, donuts have become a quintessential part of wedding celebrations. 


Many wedding ceremonies serve donuts for dessert as well as a replacement for classic wedding cakes. 


So, if you are entertaining the thought of serving donuts at your wedding, we have got good news for you.


We have compiled a list of ways you can display and serve donuts on your big day. 


So, without further ado, let’s dive into it:


Donut Wall


a donut wall


This one is the most famous way of integrating donuts into a wedding. You can find a donut catering service and set up  a wall and decorate it with a variety of donuts from top to bottom. 


You can also categorize each flavor with a banner and add in a bit of garnish to make the wall stand out. 


Donuts are affordable, easy to serve, and come in various flavors. And when you put a few of them on a wall, they make up for a great attraction piece. 


Regardless of what style of wall you choose, donuts will undoubtedly take your wedding decorations up a notch. Not to mention, a giant donut wall means everyone will have a taste of these whimsical delectables.


Donut Cake


Donut cake


More and more couples are ditching the classic white wedding cake for some non-traditional desserts. And donuts are the top contenders on the list.  


If you have a special thing for donuts, you can also replace your wedding cake with a specifically made donut cake. 


No, we are not talking about a cake that looks like a donut. We are talking about a cake that is made up of donuts. Donuts, in a range of flavors, are arranged sideways on a tiered stand to represent a cake. 


In contrast, it is a better, tastier alternative to the old boring white wedding cakes. 


Donut gift



With a donut catering service, you can let go of the old ways of gifting your wedding guests cake slices. Send them home with a box of donuts instead as wedding favors.


Make sure to use iced donuts in favor boxes, so the donuts don’t go stale. Moreover, choose the boxes carefully and make sure they are air-tight to prevent moisture build-up in the donuts. 

Keep it Simple or Let it Go Wild


a bunch of donuts


With donuts, you have both choices at your disposal. You can either keep it simple using glazed donuts and minimalistic decorations, or you can make it a scene with a large variety of donuts in one place. 


Whatever way you choose to go, donuts will not disappoint you or your wedding guests. 


Reception Serving

Donut catering


Whether you are going with buffet service or table service, a fresh batch of donuts will keep your guest excited. You can serve donuts as an appetizer as well as a dessert. We suggest setting up a donut wall at the entrance to greet your guests with something sweet.


While you are at it, put up some catchy title to your wall that further engages your guests. For instance, “Take a Treat,” “Something Sweet for You,” and “Thanks for Coming” titles are great ways to let your guests know you appreciate their attendance. 




Donuts have become a wedding trend, and we are all here for it. Whether glazed or frosted, yeast or cake, you have so many varieties and ways to create a charming donut display for your wedding. 


At My Shipley Donuts, we offer wedding catering where we offer our donuts, kolaches, coffee, and much more. We can help make your wedding day special with our fast and straightforward catering service.


Imagine a self-serve dessert table loaded with various donuts, beignets, donut holes, and other desserts, enough to appease all your guests. We also provide a personalized bag of donut holes to serve your special guests. 


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