‘Tis the Season: Here’s How Our Customers are Planning to Celebrate Christmas

Thursday, 23rd December 2021

Christmas Donuts

‘Tis the season. Christmas is right around the corner and we can barely contain our joy.


After all, it’s Christmas; one of the most cheerful festivities of the year.


At My Shipley Donuts, we believe we can make the Christmas festivities more delightful and delicious with our donuts.


But before we get into what’s in store at My Shipley Donuts for Christmas, let’s first get into what makes for a perfect Christmas, according to our customers.


At My Shipley Donuts, we are all about the nuances of Christmas. We believe the small things make this time of the year truly special for us.


Things like the anticipation of meeting your loved ones after a long time, the misty winter mornings, hot beverages, cozy rooms, and vibrant decorations add up to the Christmas spirit.


But that’s just us exploring the smaller pleasures.


The idea of the perfect Christmas differs for everyone. 


And we are all up for celebrating the smaller pleasures this year.


So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the simplest ways our customers are looking forward to celebrating Christmas this year:


“Enjoy the process” – Damian


Sometimes the best thing about Christmas is watching it come alive in front of our eyes.


We are talking about the decorations, late-night movies with friends and family members, the smell of freshly baked donuts, the Christmas cards, the wrapping of gifts, and the list goes on.


Even the air feels different during the Christmas season. And it is imperative to take in every moment of the process and enjoy them to the fullest. 


Btw, you can always amp up the process by introducing hot and pillowy Shipley Donuts in the mix. 


“Watch Christmas Movies” – Annie


Is it even Christmas if you don’t cuddle up in a blanket with a hot chocolate by your side and a Christmas movie in front of you?


There are millions of Christmas movies out there, and each one is at least a one-time-watch. So, we suggest you find yourself one and make this Christmas truly special. 


Our suggestion? It’s a Wonderful Life, hands down.


“Shopping” – Maria


Maria was quite excited about her Christmas plans, and it makes total sense. A few things are more exciting than shopping to your heart’s content, especially during the Christmas season. 


While shopping, we suggest you check out our stores at Westheimer Rd and McKinney St in Houston.


We have got the best quality donuts and a range of other delicacies that are sure to sweeten your shopping spree.


“Pray or go to Church” – Elizabeth


There’s nothing like getting familiar with your spiritual side on Christmas.


And what better way to find peace and tranquility than to visit a church and thank god for all the beautiful gifts he sends us all year round?


If you plan on having a Christmas mass, our catering service might come in handy. We would be delighted to cater to a Christmas and add to the holiday spirit.


“Play Secret Santa” – Patrick


This one makes our hearts overwhelmed with joy.


So, Patrick, you are freaking awesome for playing secret Santa to your neighbors.


Undoubtedly, it is one of the best and the most fulfilling things to do on Christmas. There is nothing quite like giving when celebrating the Christmas spirit.


And to keep the spirit high, we are also giving away half a dozen glazed donuts on the purchase of a dozen glazed donuts. 


What is My Shipley Donuts Doing on Christmas?


This year, like every year, there would be flavorsome donuts, delightful decorations, and a cozy dining experience.


Not to mention, we are introducing limited edition season special donuts. They are red and green and all things Christmas-y. 


We want you to celebrate this Christmas exactly as you want it. And we believe our range of donuts is a perfect match for whatever you choose to do this festive season.


So if you are looking for holiday catering or need to add sweet delights to your ugly Christmas sweater party, we can help you make the most out of festivities.


So, enjoy the smaller things, participate in games with family, become a secret Santa for someone, go shopping, pray, love, and keep it sweet. 


In the meantime, if you need hot, delicious, and mouth-watering donuts to liven up the party, our gates open 24*7 for online orders and drive-thrus.


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