How MyShipleyDonuts is Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Thursday, 10th March 2022

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and we are super excited about it. It’s time all of us get lucky with seasonal donuts from MyShipleyDonuts. We have a lot of surprises for you this year and we are sure you are going to love them.

But before we tell you how MyShipleyDonuts is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, let us first understand the significance of the festival. 


St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations and Its Significance

saint patrick's day

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on the 17th of March to honor the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick taught everyone to promote a sense of community and harmony among each other. He was believed to have died on March 17th, that’s why we celebrate this day to honor everything St. Patrick has done for us.


While St. Patrick’s Day is technically an Irish festival, it is celebrated throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and New Britain. 


During this day, there are thousands of Irish-themed parades and feasts. People clad themselves in green color from head to toe and feast with each other all day long. Houston also hosts a number of street parades to commemorate this festival. 


At MyShipleyDonuts, green will be the color of the hour during St. Patrick’s Day. Watch out for green decorations and greener donuts.


Not to mention you will find a lot of shamrocks on our donuts. Shamrocks are believed to be a religious symbol in Irish culture with its three leaves representing the Trinity.


This year, we are looking to revel in the Irish culture from head to toe. Not only our donuts are ready for the festivities, our employees are excited to make your day special too.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at MyShipleyDonuts

saint patrick's day donuts

MyShipleyDonuts is always ready to serve the best-quality seasonal donuts for every occasion. And St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. 


We believe no celebration is complete without the taste of our fresh donuts. This year, we are introducing a variety of new seasonal donuts specially for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.


So, don’t forget to visit our store this festive season.


Make the Holiday Special with MyShipleyDonuts


Holidays are for spending with your family and friends, preferably at the comfort of your home. We suggest you host a few of your closest friends and relatives this year and treat them with some and hot and fresh donuts.


We will deliver freshly glazed donuts right to your doorstep, so you don’t have to go out. 


Whether you are hosting a college reunion or a family party, our collection of delicious donuts, kolaches, beignets, and coffee cakes have something for everyone.


We also offer corporate catering so if you are celebrating this St. Patrick’s Day with your colleagues, you know who to call to bring excitement into the party. 


The Neighborhood Donut Shop for Every Occasion


Like we said, we are the one-stop shop for all your donut cravings regardless of the festival and season. If you want to make this St. Patrick’s Day truly special, visit our store at Westheimer Road and McKinney Street in Houston. 


We keep both our store up and running 24*7 so you can wrap your lips around fresh, soft donuts any time of the day. 


Can’t visit us in stores? Order online any time and we will deliver your favorite donuts to your doorstep in no time. (Ativan)  


Adding Sweetness to the Celebrations


Our seasonal donut is guaranteed to keep you hooked all day long. You can pick up our green glazed donuts and take home the lucky charm of St. Patrick’s Day. Our sprinkled donuts will keep your kids busy and our kolaches and beignets are sure to win over your friends and family members.


Visit MyShipleyDonuts today to learn more about how we are preparing for St. Patrick’s Day and get a sneak peek into what’s cooking. 

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