Shipley Donuts Menu Halloween Specials: Let Us Regale You With Spooky Tales and Tasty Donuts

Friday, 22nd October 2021

Shipley Donuts Menu Halloween Specials: Let Us Regale You With Spooky Tales and Tasty Donuts

It’s the trick-or-treat season, and the Shipley Donuts menu is introducing new delectables.


On 31st October, the country indulges in donning costumes, carving jack-o-lanterns, and our favorite trick-or-treat traditions.


What started as a celebration of the changing seasons from light to dark (summer to winter) has come to be one of the most sought-after celebrations of spooky things in the country.


And we, at Shipley Donuts, are always up for it with our range of delicacies from the Shipley Donuts menu.


But hold on a bit. Let’s first take a brief look at this exciting festival. The treats will come later.


The tradition started with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (read saam hine) when people would come together to light bonfires, prepare and distribute sweets, and wear costumes to ward off evil.


The festival originated in Europe and early settlers brought it to America.


Earlier, people used to carve up turnips and place candles inside their homes to ward off evil.


However, when Halloween came to our country, the festival took an interesting turn and became the period of all things spooky.


America’s love for sweet edibles and spooky things transformed Halloween into a festival where everyone comes together dressed as their favorite fictional character (preferably ghosts, vampires, and monsters) and shares candies, sweets, and other delectables.


And, in order to make the celebration sweeter, Shipley Donuts menu offers special donuts and beverages every year.


Halloween and Candies (or donuts from Shipley Donuts menu)


Aha. Now we are moving to our favorite part.


The tradition of eating and distributing sweets with each other has long been an intrinsic part of the Halloween spirit.


Celtics believed that spirits of people long dead still walked the Earth, and the best way to appease them was to leave treats on the doorstep in their honor.


Halloween has come to change a lot over the years, but the original traditions, including the practice of honoring the dead with delicious food, stuck around.


And like every year, Shipley Donuts’ menu has a range of toothsome donuts, beignets, and pastries to satiate your hunger for something sweet.


The food of choice for this tradition has always been pastry, more specifically “soul cakes.”


Soul cakes are small pastries that are baked with expensive ingredients and spices.


Carrying on the same tradition, the Shipley donuts menu continues to have delicate pastries made with the best ingredients and a touch of love.


So when you indulge in Shipley donuts menu items this Halloween, you truly experience the festival how you are supposed to experience it.


Trick or Treat (The Shipley Donuts Menu Way)


The practice of trick and treat is so involved with Halloween that it is difficult to believe that it is a relatively modern trend.


At MyShipleyDonuts, we introduce a special, limited period donut to the Shipley Donuts menu every year.


In the times of soul cakes, people used to distribute appetizing pastries to the needy to honor the dead.


When Halloween came to America, the practice of trick and treating took a more exciting turn (just like Shipley Donuts menu does every year on 31st October)


By the mid-1940s, Americans started the practice of guising their kids and sending them banging on neighbor’s doors for treats as a way to get to know each other better.


The World War had just ended, and the post-war baby boom was its prime.


Soon, trick or treating became standard practice for millions of children across the country.


Today, America spends approximately $2.6 billion on candy on Halloween, according to the National Retail Federation.


MyShipleyDonuts has long been associated with Halloween.


We love to spice up this great festival for all our customers, sometimes with scream-filled donuts and other times with Pumpkin Spice lattes in the Shipley Donuts menu.


How is MyShipleyDonuts Celebrating Halloween this year?


Continuing the tradition of celebrating Halloween with the best donuts and beverages, we are welcoming the spooky this year with something special.


Shipley Donuts menu will add one or two specialties to help you make the best out of Halloween and the spirit of sharing sweets and good vibes.


Don your best Halloween costume, and come check out the Shipley Donuts menu to find the surprise.


Whether you are a costume person or you prefer to dress as yourself (hey, we don’t judge), we guarantee you that you will find something worth your while at MyShipleyDonuts.


What’s more? We have upgraded Shipley Donuts menu over the years to offer more than 60 varieties of donuts, a range of kolaches, pastries, coffee cakes, and beverages.


We are also open 24*7 for deliveries and drive-thru so that you can come to us any time, even after midnight (just be careful of the ghosts).


We can also share more Halloween facts if you are into learning new and interesting things.


Shipley Donuts prices are also low and easy on your pocket. So you know you can buy a week’s worth of donuts and beignets without worrying about your dough if you catch our drift.

Come find us at 12403 Westheimer Rd and 1001 McKinney St. in Houston and make your Halloween truly special and memorable.

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