5 Spring Flavor Donuts from Shipley Donuts to Make this Spring Truly Special

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022

Spring flavor donuts

Spring is right around the corner, and we are more than excited to unleash our spring flavor donuts lineup. 


What’s there not to love about spring? Extra hours of daylight, blooming flowers, and vivid sceneries. It’s as if nature refreshes itself this time of the year. 


And since the whole world around us is refreshing, so should our choice of donuts, don’t you think? 


Springtime calls for some sparkling flavors of donuts, or better yet, spring flavor donuts.  A couple of bright, colorful donuts filled with mouth-watering fillings seem like a perfect dessert for this time.


Well…that’s why we are here. 


MyShipleyDonuts is introducing 5 new spring flavors donuts to celebrate the spring season. 


Let’s check them out:


Iced Bites


Iced bites


Small and mouthful, our newest introduction to the Shipley menu is something that we are all excited about. Iced bites are a smaller, flavorful variety of frosted donuts. They come in a range of flavors, including sprinkled cinnamon sugar. Our favorite has to be sugar-white, mostly because of how cute they look. 


You can choose your favorite from the specialized variety of choices at My Shipley Donuts. Visit now and start your spring on the right note.




Here’s a bold one that goes with the refreshing vibe of spring. The bullseye is a traditional raised donut with a divot cut out in the middle for jelly fillings—fluffy, light, soft on the outside, warm, gooey, and dripping inside. The bullseye donuts from Shipley donuts is our most powerful contender for spring flavor donuts.


Of course, you can get them in various flavors and choices of fillings. 


Strawberry Sprinkle


strawberry sprinkle


What do you get when you dip our original, fresh out of the glazer donuts into strawberry icing and top it with rainbow sprinkles? Probably the freshest donut of all time. Our strawberry sprinkle is ready to bloom in Shipley Donuts and set the mood for jovial and fun times this year.


It’s delicious, it’s pink, and it’s filled with refreshing flavors of strawberry and caramelized dough. 


Devils Food


devils food


Insanely delicious and devilishly succulent, devil’s food is the choice of donuts if you feel like indulging your bad side. Filled with molten chocolate to the brim and served hot, this donut is irresistible even for the devil himself. We wouldn’t call it a spring flavor donut because honestly, it is an all-time classic. 


If you are looking to start your morning on a fresher note, dig into one of devil’s food from Shipley Donuts and feel the vibes change around you. 


Blueberry Cake


Blueberry cake


A cult classic, the blueberry cake donuts are among the most sought-after items from the Shipley Donuts menu. And there’s a reason for that. We make our blueberry cake donuts with utmost care and love. We mix fresh blueberries into cinnamon and nutmeg donut batter and fry it until it is golden brown. Then we glaze it with powdered sugar glaze to give it its signature look.


Served fresh and hot, the blueberry cake donut from Shipley Donuts is guaranteed to pump your day and serve as a perfect dessert for the spring season. 




There you have it. The latest and greatest addition to Shipley Donuts menu this spring. All of the abovementioned spring flavor donuts donuts are carefully selected to go with the energetic and fresh vibe of the new season. 


Take the Iced Bites, for example. We found the perfect way to bid farewell to the winters is by through an iced donut. But we already have those. So, we decided to add a little bit of excitement into the mix and came up with these little balls of mind-melting flavors. 


We selected the Bullseye donuts for their bold new beginnings, strawberry sprinkle to add a dash of color to our menu and your taste buds.


Devils food and Blueberry Cake donuts are here to make you feel comfortable and easy.


And these are only our latest addition to the menu. At My Shipley Donuts, we have more than 60 varieties of donuts. 


What’s more? 


We also have an extensive menu for coffee, beverages, and special items like pastries, beignets, and kolaches. 


So, if you are feeling the excitement this season, visit us at Westheimer Road and McKinney Street in Houston. 


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