Ways Donuts Can Go Bad (And Here’s How To Save Them)

Saturday, 13th March 2021

Ways Donuts Can Go Bad - How to Store Donuts, How to Keep Donuts Fresh

Picture this: You just came back from a daunting, challenging day at school and all you can think of is the leftover donuts from yesterday that you couldn’t finish (not for a lack of trying we hope) and your mouth is watering even while on the long walk down the road to your home. As soon as you reach, you kick your shoes away proclaiming to your mother that the monarch has returned and go straight for your prize….only to realize that they were left in the open. Well, bummer. Worry not, however, MyShipleyDonuts has a way for you to keep our favorite donuts fresh and with a decent enough shelf life.

The Challenge

Donuts are incredibly difficult to store, and notorious for going bad under even the most perfect circumstances. Even if you do your best in trying to store them, there is a definite chance that they will go bad and undergo a drastic degrade in quality in a very short span of time. So, knowing a thing or two about how to store them in order to keep them fresh as well as knowing when they’ve gone so as to avoid a malfunctioning bowel can’t hurt, right?


Well, the safest bet you can place is keeping your precious donut inside an airtight, secure container. Unsealed donuts catch air and go stale really quickly, just like bread because…well.. they are bread. Preferably with a lock. Which has nuclear code level security attached to it. Okay, fine, we were joking about that last bit, but the former is all true. Airtight container keep your donuts from getting too stale to take a bite into, but do this and you’ll be thanking us later. You must finish them within 1 or days though.

In case your donuts are cream-filled or have some kind of dairy-based topping on them, it is best to keep them in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it won’t be the end of the world if you keep them outside, just sealed is good enough if they don’t have any of these toppings.

On top of that, even if your donut does not require refrigeration, and supposedly is one of those ‘roided out Stud ’o’ nuts which just refuses to go bad, it can still benefit from a little bit of a chill, which lets agree we all can.

On to the next big question.

Can You Freeze Donuts?

Well, it’s complicated. In case your donuts are plain jane, or have a little powdered suga’ on top of them, you can safely freeze them. This is simply because the freezing and defrosting process can’t mess the donut up, at least as long as texture or taste go.

But, if your donuts are glazed, the topping could melt, and that causes a problem when you start the defrosting process s othat you can finally devour the piece of heaven. I mean, it’s worth a try, but the results might not be what you like.

Again, same goes for cream and cream-filled donuts. Cream doesn’t freeze well, and cream-filled donuts are no exception. In this case, every single donut will freeze and defrost in their own way and there is no definitive way of telling that until you take a gnarly bite of your once-fabulous delicacy. Salute to the fallen.

The Freezing

To store and freeze donuts, again, airtight containers are your best bet. If your donuts are glazed or topped, make sure that you store those separately in separate containers, and then freeze them. When it’s time to defrost, wait for the allotted time, then enjoy your donuts!

So, how exactly do you know when your donuts have gone bad on you?

The usual things, you know.

Mold – This is donut enemy no.1. Since donuts are essentially bread, mold can form on them if left out in the open for too long. If you see any discoloration on the surface of your donut, or any sort of fuzzy situation, no donuts for you sir.

An off smell or a bad taste – Obviously, your nose and mouth are excellent at sensing and they know if your favorite round of heaven has gone bad if you either smell or taste them.

In conclusion, we don’t think donuts that have gone stale are necessarily bad or anything, but there’s no point to your donut adventures if you don’t enjoy them, right?

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