DIY Wedding Donut Tower: 5 Steps To Make One From Scratch

Tuesday, 1st August 2023

donuts served at a wedding

When it comes to hot-selling wedding foods, donuts never fail to top the list. So much so that you can find different donut varieties from the snacks right up to the dessert menu. 

In fact, it’s the love for donuts in wedding events that lets ingenuity and innovation in donut decor lead the way. The customary donut walls in our wedding events speak to this fact. 


But wedding donut decor need not be about walls alone. And that’s where a wedding donut tower enters the picture. 


No, we aren’t asking you to do away with the donut wall. Nor do you need to replace the traditional donut bar catering


You can rather complement your overall wedding donut decor with a DIY tower since donut holes and a few extras are all that you need. 


Now, if you’re wondering, here’s how you can easily make a donut tower at your or a close one’s wedding party: 

Step 1. Get a high-quality styrofoam to make a base

Styrofoam creates the base of your donut tower. And depending on the size of the tower, it might well have to hold anywhere from 50 to 500 donut holes. 


So don’t be surprised when we say that you need solid styrofoam. 


Now, finding a good quality styrofoam can be a little difficult. But that’s the fun part of DIY projects, where you overcome challenges and feel a sense of accomplishment. 


In fact, look up online, and you can find sturdy styrofoam easily. 

What styrofoam size should you go for? 

Finding the ideal length of styrofoam can be a bit confusing. Nevertheless, you can go by our 50:10 rule when buying one. 


Herein, if you’ve got 50 donut holes to make a tower, a 10-inch styrofoam should be apt for the tower base. 

Step 2. Wrap a layer of foil around the styrofoam 

While some of the styrofoam boards on the market are food safe, that’s not always the case. Meaning you never know whether the styrofoam you just bought for the donut tower base is safe for exposure to food. 


And that’s exactly why we suggest you wrap a layer of foil around the styrofoam. 


Not to mention, having foil around the base will also prevent the small styrofoam particles from getting onto the donut holes. 

Step 3. Glue the wedding donut tower base upon a tray 

Before you start building up the donut tower, it’s essential to glue the base to a tray or a plate. This will ensure that the base stands firmly while you add donut holes around it. 


However, there’s a catch with gluing the base. 


You see, using regular glue isn’t a good idea since it contains a lot of harmful chemicals, among other toxic materials. As such, we suggest you make your own edible and food-safe glue for the tower base. 




Well, the recipe for edible glue is very simple. All you’ve got to do is take some powdered sugar and a little water and mix both until you get a tight gluey texture. 


There you have it, the simplest recipe for your donuts catered wedding tower

Step 4. Add some icing and sprinkles on the donut holes

The classic glazed donut holes are indeed delicious, and we can’t agree more. But it’s a wedding party, and it calls for an extravaganza. 


And to that end, we suggest you take regular donut holes and ice them with different icing flavors. For instance, if you’re making a donut tower with 100 donuts, you can take 4-5 different flavors of icings such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc.


Thereafter, you can take either one or a combination of different sprinkles and top your donut holes with them. 


Trust us; your guests are going to fall in love with these unique donut holes. In fact, these iced and sprinkled holes are so delicious that your tower might well look empty in no time. 


Note: The fact that classic glazed donut holes are among all-time favorites on Shipley’s menu speaks to their popularity. So it’s worth it to make a separate tower with glazed donut holes for those guests who’re in for the good old taste of donuts. 

Step 5. Take some toothpicks and start shaping up your tower

This is the last step in building your donut tower for a wedding, and it’s simple by all means. 


You can put some toothpicks into the styrofoam through the blunt side. And the most efficient way of doing that is counting your donut holes and putting the exact same number of toothpicks. 


With the toothpicks in place, you can take your donut holes and start inserting them into the toothpicks from the bottom up. 


Once all the donut holes are in place, your donut wedding tower is now ready to unveil. 


Now that’s quite simple, isn’t it? 

Donut tower

Some pro tips for a DIY wedding donut tower: 

Tip 1. Toothpicks should be long

Longer toothpicks will penetrate deeper into the styrofoam base and thus hold the donut holes more stable as compared to shorter ones. 


Also, longer toothpicks tend to be sturdy compared to short ones. Meaning there’s little chance that they’ll break apart with the weight of donut holes. 

Tip 2. You should insert the toothpicks first

Some tutorials might suggest you first penetrate a donut hole into a toothpick and then insert the toothpick into the styrofoam. But that’s not the right way to do it. 


You see, some donuts like the ones from Shipley’s are so tender that you might break them in the process. So it’s always suggested to insert the toothpicks and then put the donut holes up there. 

Tip 3. Leave space for the donuts to fit in perfectly

It’s better to factor in the size of the donut holes before putting the toothpicks into the styrofoam. That’s because this will allow you to appropriately space out the donut holes on the tower. 


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DIY projects are as much about the joy of accomplishing things as they are about cost efficiency. 


And that also applies to a DIY wedding donut tower. After all, it provides the perfect opportunity for family and friends to come together and create a beautiful and equally delectable wedding venue decor. 


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