5 Reasons Why Donut Catering Makes For A Perfect Wedding Party 

Thursday, 10th November 2022

donut catering

Did you know that donut catering is officially a wedding trend?

If you’re planning on making your wedding events super special and looking to make them a savory experience for your guests, you should definitely serve up some donuts. 


Why donuts for the wedding, you may ask? 


Well, donuts for party are delicious, appetizing, and easy to snack on, which is the reason why everyone absolutely loves them. And since there are hundreds of donut varieties featuring culinary finesse, including assorted flavors and seasonal specialties, there’s something for all. 


In fact, donuts can be an excellent way to compliment your wedding cake, with some signature flavors adding a touch of extravagance to the wedding buffet. 


Here are some more reasons to choose donuts catering for your wedding party: 

#1. There is a donut for everyone 

Believe it or not, it’s hard to curate a wedding menu. That’s because you’ve to consider the taste palette of every guest. 


And while some guests may like it the good old American way, others might love to munch at the sushi bar or savor some tacos with salsa. 


But if there’s one thing that everyone loves anytime of the day and on any occasion, it’s donuts. You can count on us! 




You see, there are donuts featuring different flavors and tastes, which include both popular kinds like classic glazed, white sprinkled, chocolate filled, and more exotic ones like lemon filled, bavarian filled, etc. 


So, with donut catering wedding menus packed with all of these varieties, your guests are sure to find one they love (or find a new favorite). 

#2. Donut catering enhances your wedding venue’s aesthetics (and offers picture-perfect Instagram posts)

donut catering

Your wedding is the best time of your life, and you want it to be an event to remember. And what better way to cherish those moments for life than some perfect shots? 


However, no matter how well your wedding venue is decorated, the ambiance is incomplete without the wedding cake, a custom wedding monogram, and donuts. 


But isn’t creating a donut decor tricky? 


True, it is not easy. But you can rest easy as My Shipley’s donut catering team can decorate the venue with delectable donut varieties in a thousand ways. From a donut wall to a donut cake to donuts paired with drinks, we have endless trendy ideas to enrich your wedding decor with some perfect donuts


Even better, we can personalize your wedding donuts and donut goody bags to match the theme of your marriage. 


That means beyond just munching on donuts, you and your guests will have the perfect spot for the best Instagram posts. 


Awesome, isn’t it? 

#3. A combo of donut and ice cream catering: a dessert to die for 

When we talk about donuts, there are varieties beyond imagination. So much so that there are donuts that make for a complete breakfast, fulfilling snack, and healthy dessert. 


Take, for instance, donuts filled with walnuts, glazed with chocolate, and sprinkled with cherry. Or, for that matter, apple filled donuts with a strawberry sprinkle. 


There can’t be a healthier yet delectable dessert than these. Right? 


Nevertheless, you’d love to go for none but the best. We get it; after all, it’s your wedding. 


And for the best wedding dessert, we suggest you go for a donut and ice cream catering combo. Trust us when we say that it’s a dessert combo that will keep your guests coming back for more. 


Not convinced? 


Maybe you should try it yourself. 


How about a chocolate filled cake donut topped with a scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream? 


Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? 

#4. Donuts can keep you energized through the event 

donut catering

A wedding evening can typically last between five and six hours. And during this time, you need to keep yourself energized. Don’t you? 


And while it’s true that wedding events can be tiring, there’s a delicious way you and your guests can keep up the energy. Yes, it’s donut catering we are talking about. 


Donuts have sugar and carbs, and the duo provides your body with a quick dose of energy. Also, donuts have the nutritional value to keep you refreshed throughout the wedding party. 


Not to forget, the delightful flavors of donuts will remain on your tongue throughout the day, keeping you in high spirits. 

#5. Guests love donut gift bags (and customization is possible with catering) 

With your wedding around the corner, you’re sure to wonder what gift you can give to your guests. 


Talking about wedding gifts, donut gift bags with some exotic donuts and kolaches are something that’ll leave your guests enchanted. And with Shipley’s menu offering wide donut varieties, all you need to do is think about your guests’ favorite flavors. 


There’s more to a donut gift.  


You see, with Shipley’s donut catering, you can also avail of custom gift bags with an assortment of signature donuts. Also, you can add personalized messages for every guest, making it a surprise to cherish. 


There you have it, the perfect wedding party favor for your loved ones. 

Some delectable donut catering ideas for your wedding: 

#1. A donut wall of fame

Yes, we mean it. 


A donut wall of fame works the same way as a regular donut wall seen in weddings, but with a knack for creativity.  


You can have a large wood frame to create a wall, along with various shelves serving some super delicious donut flavors. 


As a starter, your donut wall can have some interesting patterns and designs. Even better, you can theme the wall on your marriage. 


Innovative, right? 


Now, the donuts you serve up on this wall are equally important. After all, it’s a wall of fame. So be sure to pick some of the best delicacies from Shipley’s menu. 


Divide the donut shelves for different flavors and varieties, and stack up these shelves before your guests arrive. 


There it is, a perfect donut wall of fame. 


Additionally, you can also go for donut bar catering and have a live donut bar serving some signature delicacies.

#2. A traditional donut serving

Not everyone’s in for funky donut decor, and you might be looking for more traditional-style catering. 


So how about some classic donut varieties served in the good old way? 


You can create a simple yet classy table decoration and serve classic donut dishes. In fact, when we talk about old-style donuts, nothing comes close to Shipley’s classic glazed donuts. 


Add a vanilla frosting on these doughy and sweet donuts, and you’ve got a dessert that guests would line up for. 


Interesting, isn’t it? 

#3. Donuts as the center of attraction on the banquet table

The banquet table is one of the most critical aspects of your wedding table. It is where you gather with your guests after the wedding vows to raise a toast and enjoy an appetizing lunch. 


No wonder why event planners are so focused on the table and ensuring it’s arranged in the best possible way. 


Then why not make donuts the centerpiece of your banquet table? 


With the help of your wedding planners, you can decorate some signature donut varieties right at the center of the table. 


This way, your guests can savor some donut delights while you and your partner tie the knot. And later, you can munch on some as well. 

#4. A thank you card with a donut

You’ll agree when we say that your guests make your wedding complete. They are there to create moments of joy and laughter and to make you feel super special. 


So it’s important that you appreciate them with a thank you card. 


And how better to do so than placing the individual thank you cards at the respective guest’s seat, along with a donut of their favorite flavor? 


Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? 

Wrapping up the donut catering conversation 

donut catering

It’s your wedding, the best time of your life. 


But these are also the moments when you’re super busy. From checking on the decoration at your wedding venue to picking the best outfit, there’s a lot on the plate. 


Nevertheless, when it comes to buffet decor, you can rest assured as our donut catering for weddings has got you covered. 


Here are some exciting ways we can create a beautiful wedding buffet: 


Donut cake: Ever wondered if donuts could be shaped like a cake? We can create the event’s highlight by stacking up different donut varieties on a tiered platter in the shape of a cake. 


Donut decorating bar: This is the best way for your guests to engage in a fun and interactive activity instead of simply sitting at their tables. Herein, we serve up some plain donuts with multiple varieties of sprinkles and icings on the side, letting your guests decorate and customize the donuts to their liking. 


There’s much more to our innovative donut catering ideas, which is set to make your wedding fun for all occasion. 


Looking for a fun and flavorful donut experience at your wedding? 


You can reach out to us a day before, and we’ll serve up the best donut delights in town, custom made to match your wedding theme. 


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