5 Reasons Why Donuts are the Best Dessert

Thursday, 6th January 2022

Why donuts are the best dessert

If you were to ask My Shipley Donuts, we could list a bunch of reasons why donuts are the best dessert.


In fact, we are going to do exactly that in this article. 


You see…we love donuts. 


Donuts are our favorite things on this planet.


When we make donuts, we pour our heart and soul out in each of these distinguished pastries.


And if you have ever eaten at My Shipley Donuts, you can tell what we are talking about.


My Shipley Donuts are hot, fresh, delicate, and just the perfect amount of soft to give your mouth a warm cuddle. 


Besides, we make them in so many flavors that you can eat a different donut each day and not repeat for 60 days straight.


But that’s enough about us.


Let’s get back to the topic at hand: why donuts are the best desserts.


Here goes 5 reasons why donuts are the best dessert:


Donuts can make ordinary things exciting


Are you feeling bored working on late-night assignments? Are regular team meetings getting you down? Are you feeling out of place in a new town? Or are you simply bored? You can turn the situation around by introducing a donut into it.


Find yourself a donut shop and order the most colorful donut they have. Or better yet, visit My Shipley Donuts and choose from more than 60 varieties of too-good-to-pass donuts. One bite, and you will forget all your woes in a second. Guaranteed.


Donuts go anywhere


Regardless of the kind of party you are having, you can slide donuts somewhere into it. And the best part is everyone would love you for it. Because it’s not easy to resist a couple of fresh, hot donuts right out of the glazer. 


What’s more? There are hundreds if not thousands of varieties of donuts that can go with any occasion. So, the next time you have a college get-together or a special night with your crush, give donuts a try.


Satisfies a range of cravings at once


Donuts are made with a variety of ingredients. The donuts themselves come in different sizes and shapes. Cake donuts, for instance, are not anything like glazed donuts, and both of them taste divine.


So, when it comes to donuts, you are not going to run out of choices. And no matter what kind of cravings you are having, there is a donut out there to satiate it.


Donuts last a long time


If you have ordered a dozen donuts, have had your fill, and now you are looking to store them for tomorrow, you can. Unlike most desserts; donuts tend to last a long time. You can keep them fresh for weeks if you place them in a clean, air-tight container. 


However, not all donuts can last a long time. So, we suggest you not rely on tomorrow and finish them today. 

You can pair donuts with anything


If you are still wondering why donuts are the best dessert, know that you can pair these sweet delights with almost anything. Coffee? Yes. Ice cream? Sure. Wine? Definitely


You can also have a donut at any time of the day or night without getting weird looks. Donuts can go as breakfast, evening snacks, and late-night munchies. You can also serve them as desserts after a hearty dinner. 


Donuts are perfect for marathons 


Donuts are filled with carbs, which means you get instant energy as soon as you finish a donut. The sugar content in donuts helps you feel energized and refreshed, and the delicate flavor remains on your tongue throughout your marathon. 


Eating a donut or two before a marathon also helps you remain active throughout the run.




We hope this article helped you understand why donuts are the best dessert. If reading this article made you drool, we have got you covered. At My Shipley Donuts, you get fresh, warm, and soft donuts right out of the glazer. Taste it once, and you will keep coming back for more, we promise. 


Shipley Donuts prices are also low and easy on your pocket. So you know you can buy a week’s worth of donuts and beignets without worrying about your dough if you catch our drift. Come find us at 12403 Westheimer Rd and 1001 McKinney St. in Houston and make your Halloween truly special and memorable.


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