How Much Does Shipley Donuts Cost? (And Other Questions Answered)

Monday, 4th April 2022

Shipley Donuts Cost

Have you been wondering how much does Shipley Donuts cost? Or maybe you have some questions about our menu? Or our delivery service?


Whatever your question is, we have decided to answer them all in this blog. 


So gear up, order your favorite donuts, and let’s dive into it:


How much does Shipley Donuts cost?

Shipley Donuts Cost

Starting with the obvious, Shipley Donuts’ prices are very easy on your pocket. Our donuts start at $1.29 each, so you know you can munch on them as much as you want. And if you are getting a box of dozen donuts, then you would only be saving more dollars. Our boxes of a dozen donuts start at $9.99. 


There’s more at My Shipley Donuts besides donuts. If you are looking to explore something new, try our donut holes ($2.39 for 12+ holes) or iced bites ($3.59). 


Not to mention our beignets (4 per order for $6.39) will make you want to move to Houston. (Sorry, New Orleans). And our kolaches ($1.99 each) are an absolute must-try from our menu. 


There is also a catering menu for parties, reunions, and get together. We offer three packages based on your number of attendees.


How’s Shipley Donuts Coffeehouse Menu?


Stacked, to say the least. Whatever you can get at Starbucks, you can get here. Cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and macchiatos are all made with freshly roasted coffee beans. Also, we use cold-brewed espresso for our iced coffee and frappe. 


Want it skinny, extra wet, with soya milk? We will get it how you want it. 


What About the Donuts?


Hot donuts 24×7, every day! Guaranteed! Come to our store at 2:30 in the morning or at 4 or 12 at noon, and you will be served your donut hot and fresh. 


We have more than 60 varieties of donuts, and each of them is unique on its own. Want it frosted, caked, yeast, glazed? The varieties are endless, and the flavors are worth coming back to. 


Does Shipley Deliver 24×7?


Yes, we do. We deliver throughout the Houston Metro area round the clock. Get fresh and hot donuts delivered to your home or workplace, and relish some mouth-watering flavors any time, any day. 


Does Shipley Offer Catering?

How Much Does Shipley Donuts Cost? (And Other Questions Answered)

Yes, we have been offering catering services to the Houston community for years. We are proud to be a part of your events. You can choose from our many catering options, including customized donut boxes, more than 60 varieties of donuts, and Shipley specials that can’t be found anywhere else. 


We cater to corporate events, fundraisers, private events, company meetings, schools, churches, functions, and many more events. Whether you are ordering for 20 people or 2000 people, we can handle orders of any size. 


You can pick up your order from any of our two locations, or you can have it delivered to your doorstep. However, you choose to have your donuts, and at whatever time, you can trust us to satisfy your cravings. 


Are There Any Discounts on Shipley Donuts?


Besides offering hot and fresh donuts, we want to serve better serve the community. Currently, we are offering dozen free donut holes on signing up with our newsletter. You can also join Shipley Rewards to earn points at every Shipley purchase. You can get rewarded with discounts and freebies throughout the year. 


What are Shipley Donuts Specials?


Shipley Donuts specials are the donuts, kolaches, and beignets that are only available at our two locations in Houston. Some of our specialties include gourmet donut recipes, beignets, and Shipley Bold kolaches. 


Which is the Best-Selling Donut of All Time?


Shipley’s original glazed remains the godfather of all donuts. And it is also one of the most selling donuts out of our two stores. Besides the glazed donuts, some of our bestsellers include chocolate iced, strawberry sprinkle, lemon-filled, and coconut iced cake. 


Our beignets and kolaches are also two of the most selling products on our menu.


What Donut Flavors Have Remained Since the Inception of Shipley Donuts?


Another claim to fame for the original glazed donut. When Shipley Donuts started back in 1936, the glazed donuts were the only offering at that time. Cut by hands and served hot throughout the day, the glazed donuts quickly became a favorite among customers. 


Soon, these donuts started to sell in the retail market and attracted people from miles for a taste of its sweet glazed flavor. Since then, the glazed donuts have remained a crowd pleaser and our most consistent offering. 


Does Shipley cater donuts? 


Yes, we do. 


Our donuts catering services are available throughout the Houston metropolis. 


Whatever be the occasion, we are ever ready to make it special with our fresh and hot donuts, kolaches, and more. 


Not to mention, we can take care of your event’s catering even at the last minute. 


Meaning you can rest easy no matter whether it’s an impromptu meeting or a party. All you need to do is call us up to two hours in advance, and we’ll take it from there. 

What is Shipley’s catering menu like? 


At Shipley Donuts, we have three primary catering packages meant to serve gatherings of all sizes. That includes: 

Package #1: 


This catering package is to serve between 10 and 15 guests. Herein; we provide mixed varieties of freshly baked donuts and kolaches, two dozen each, along with 1 to 96 oz coffee. 

Package #2: 


We have curated this catering package for an event involving anywhere between 20 and 32 people. The servings are similar to the first package but with an increased quantity. 


This package serves three dozen each of mixed donut and kolache varieties and 2 to 96 oz coffee.

Package #3: 


Our third catering package is meant for large gatherings with up to 50 people. And to cater to such a large event, we provide six dozen fresh kolaches and donuts each (mixed varieties) along with a 3-gallon 1-way coffee urn. 



You can substitute coffee with other options on our coffeehouse menu, such as juices, small milk, and more. 


Custom package: 


Apart from the regular catering packages, you can even get a fully customized catering table set at your venue. 


All you need to do is tell us about your catering requirements, and we will create a special event catering menu tailored to your needs. 

Party pans: 


We have two special party pans created for events such as birthdays, school and charity functions, and more. 


That includes a pan of kolache poppers with 80 kolaches and a pan of donut holes with 18 dozen donuts. 

Fruit bowls and trays: 


Our catering packages also serve freshly cut seasonal fruits and berries. 


While our fruit bowls serve an 8 oz single serving of fresh fruits, our larger fruit trays serve anywhere between 22 and 25 guests. 

Does Shipley Do-Nuts cater to corporate events? 


Certainly, yes. 


Our corporate catering plans serve some of our finest donut varieties and more to help you end your event on a sweet note. 


Be it a small or a large corporate gathering, with our signature donuts, kolaches, house blend coffee, assorted beverages, etc., we make sure everyone has something to savor. 

What is Shipley’s business builder program? 


The business builder program is a part of our corporate catering scheme wherein we seek to help you expand your brand name in a sweet and delectable way. 




Whether it’s about impressing a prospect or thanking your clients, or simply donating to a non-profit, the business builder program has it all covered. 


Herein, we create personalized donut gift boxes with your brand name, logo, and message. Also, you can get a personal message added to each of the gift boxes. 


Tell us where you want the gift boxes delivered, and we will hand-deliver them to each of the locations. 

Does Shipley cater weddings? 


Yes, we do. 


At My Shipley Donuts, we are known for making weddings super special with our exotic wedding donut varieties and charming catering decors. 


Here are three ways we can add to your wedding fervor


First, we will create beautiful catering decor, adding to your wedding venue’s aesthetics. From a traditional donut wall to a donut wall of fame, there are countless ways we can increase your wedding party’s elegance. 


Second, we have a specially crafted wedding donut menu that includes everything from all-season varieties to some of the rarest donuts. 


Third, we offer personalized donut gift bags for your guests created around the theme of your marriage.


Wondering how else donuts can make your wedding event unique? 


You can go through our blog: 5 Reasons Why Donut Catering Makes For A Perfect Wedding Party

Can you get donut delivery from Shipley? 


Yes, you can. 


We deliver donuts across the Houston metropolitan area 24×7. 


So be it a last-minute party plan, unexpected guests, or simply a sweet craving in the middle of binge-watching, we’ve got you covered. 


Looping it Up


We hope we have answered most, if not all, of your questions about Shipley Donuts cost. If you have any more queries, you can reach out to us directly at (713) 589-3292 (Westheimer Rd.) or (713) 651-3033 (McKinney St.).


We offer fresh and hot donuts 24×7 around Houston. Shipley Donuts costs are also low, so you know you can get yourself a week’s worth of donuts and beignets.


We have also upgraded the Shipley Donuts menu over the years. Now, we offer more than 60 varieties of donuts, a range of kolaches, pastries, coffee cakes, and beverages.

We are also open 24*7 for deliveries and drive-thru so that you can come to us any time, even after midnight. 

Thanks for reading. 




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