Shipley Donuts Face-Off: Beignets vs. Donuts

Sunday, 19th September 2021

Shipley Donuts Face-Off: Beignets vs. Donuts


A scrumptious little puff of sweetness with dusted sugar over it or soft, pillowy, flavored, fried dough? It is a dilemma to choose between beignets and donuts at Shipley Donuts.


Considering both beignets and donuts are each other’s modification, it should not be this hard.


But it is.


And now we are split between the two.


Honestly, for Shipley Donuts, it is like choosing your favorite offspring.


No matter what we say, we have a sweet spot in our hearts for both.


However, we are incredibly excited to get into this battle of the favorites, and we hope to come up with a winner by the time we are done with this blog.


Let’s dive right in:


Shipley Donuts’ Anatomy of Beignets 


Beignets are French donuts. No wonder they are so suave and have a 100% chance of stealing your girl.


The French term ‘beignet’ translates to ‘fried dessert,’ which pretty much sums up the anatomy of these sweet delights.


Beignets are mostly square pieces of dough deep-fried and dusted with powdered sugar.


These delicious snacks from Shipley Donuts are airy, soft, and fluffy enough to melt in your mouth as soon as you wrap your lips around them.


So the first and foremost difference between a donut and a beignet is the shape.


A Donut is usually available in their old-school circular shape with a hole in the middle (btw, if you want to know the unique story behind the inception of holes in the donuts, click here).


A Beignet, on the other hand, is a more stylish version of a donut. Think of it as donut’s edgy little cousin who thinks it is too cool for the world.


The ingredients Shipley Donuts uses in beignets are also slightly different.


Beignets are made with more yeast and fewer eggs, which makes these little delectable pastries puffy and soft in the middle.


Beignets are also lighter in taste and weight compared to their hefty cousins.


But that does not mean beignets are any less fulfilling than donuts, especially considering how we serve them with chocolate or caramel dips. Yum!


Shipley Donuts’ Dissection of Donuts


Shipley Donuts, as we have all come to know and love, are fried circular-shaped dough with a hole in the middle.


The best thing about Shipley donuts is that they come in innumerable varieties. In fact, you can consider beignets as a variety of donuts.


Shipley Donuts are glazed. Shipley Donuts are flavored. Shipley Donuts are filled with jelly. Shipley Donuts are covered in chocolate.


And sometimes, Shipley donuts taste tangerine. (Try our lemon filled donuts, and you will know what we are talking about)


You can probably keep eating a different variety of donuts every day for an entire year and never repeat one.


Donut making process differs according to the kind of donut you are making.


Ideally, donuts are made with dough mixed with eggs, nutmeg, baking powder, cinnamon, and several other ingredients.


The dough is then shaped into a donut and deep-fried until it is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.


Batters vary too and can include chocolate, lemon, fruits, or dry fruits, according to the type of donut you are making.


Donuts are more of an old-school type of snack, sticking to their roots, regardless of their evolution over the years.


So far, during more than 100 years of evolution, there’s only been one fundamental change to the design of donuts: the inception of holes in them. Even that was accidental if you believe the old sailor story.


The Face-Off


Alright, the time has come to pitch these two toothsome pastries against each other.


Puff vs. Hole. Round vs. Square. Edgy vs. Old school. Donuts vs. Beignets.


At Shipley Donuts, we swear by the taste and flavor of both of these pastries.


Therefore, it is not easy for us to choose a winner.


But, we can’t always play the middle ground. This time, we have to choose a clear winner.


So, we have decided to judge these two contenders on three bases: taste, flavor, and variety.




In terms of taste, both beignets and donuts are a treat to your mouth. We serve them hot, delicious, and ready to consume.


Our beignets are served fresh and sweet but not overwhelmingly so. They are airy, tender, and delightful to the last bite.


Our beignets also have a distinct texture, which allows them to melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite.


Our donuts, on the other hand, are a yardstick for the representation of our taste. The Shipley Donuts menu has your favorite donuts of all time.


We have been serving ready-to-eat donuts since 1936. Since Lawrence Shipley Sr. came up with the gourmet receipt for donuts, our donuts have been one of our most proud products.


As Lawrence Shipley Sr. once said, “When they bite into that hot donut, it will bring them back every time.”


  • Flavor


Beignets are available in one single flavor, but they often come with different sauce and dips.


For instance, beignets served with chocolate dip have a different flavor compared to beignets served with sour cream.


So when it comes to flavors for beignets, they are as good as the products they are served with.


Donuts come in several flavors. From fresh lime to butterscotch, you can practically have a donut in every flavor you can think of.


Shipley Donuts has a flavor of donuts for your every mood.


  • Variety


When it comes to variety, beignets are way past their cousins. Beignets mostly come in a single variety and you can serve them with other snacks to add to their flavor.


On the flip side, donuts have as much variety as there are emotions. Shipley Donuts’ menu itself has more than 60 varieties of donuts.


That means you can eat different donuts for the next two months without having to repeat unless you want to try out your favorite again and again.


The Shipley Donuts Decision


According to the set perimeters, donuts have come out of the contest victorious. Hurray!


But that does not mean beignets are not worth it.


It is all subjective. Whether you want to bite into hot, pillowy beignets or wrap your lips around soft Shipley donuts, it is your choice.


Some people like beignets, some prefer donuts, but everyone knows Shipley Donuts is the best place to get your hands on the tastiest beignets and donuts.


Shipley Donuts offer 24*7 drive-thru and delivery.


Shipley Donuts prices are also low and easy on your pocket. So you know you can buy a weekend’s worth of donuts and beignets without worrying about your dough if you catch our drift.


So whether you choose beignets or donuts or both, you can visit your nearest Shipley Donut outlet or order online through to satiate your hunger for these mouth-watering pastries.

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