Here’s Why You Should Go For Donuts Catering This Christmas

Tuesday, 22nd November 2022

Christmas Donuts Catering

It’s almost a month to Christmas, holidays are around the corner, and how better to celebrate it than some festive special catering donuts.

Everyone absolutely loves donuts, and Christmas is the best time to savor some of the signature and special holiday donuts with your near and dear ones. And an awesome way to do so is by organizing a Christmas party at your home. 


We know what you’re thinking. Organizing Christmas parties can be difficult, more so when you’re already super busy planning and preparing for the festivities. 


But why get bogged down by the hassle when you can have some exotic and mouth watering donut varieties catered right at your Christmas party venue. 


In fact, donuts catering isn’t just available for that last minute rescue to your party but can even make your party the best Christmas experience. 


Impressive, isn’t it? 


There’s more to donuts catering this holiday season (and beyond), so let’s have a closer look at it. 

#1. You can savor exotic Christmas special donuts on the catering menu 

Christmas donuts catering

Are you that donut loving person who can munch on donut delicacies any time of the day? 


If yes, then you’ve probably tried the popular donuts on Shipley’s menu already. 


Nevertheless, Christmas is the most special day of the year, and so are the donuts on our catering menu. You see, it is during this time of the year that we bring about the most exotic and equally yummy donuts.


We bet our festive donut favors are something you would have never wrapped your lips around. 


Don’t believe it?  


Maybe you should try it out yourself. 


Even better, get it catered at your Christmas gathering and savor the rare donuts with family and friends. After all, Christmas is all about sharing the love (and donuts). 

#2. Donuts + Kolaches = a perfect Christmas party (yes, our catering menu has kolaches too) 

If you think that Christmas catering is only about the donuts, you’re in for a surprise as we serve up kolaches too. 


We understand that any Texas festivity is incomplete kolaches, including Christmas. And that’s the reason why our Christmas special catering services include the widest varieties of kolaches to be served with our donuts. 


From sausage and cheese to grilled chicken and provolone cheese to Shipley’s special bold sausage and cheese featuring forty percent more meat, there’s an endless assortment of kolaches you can choose from. 


And that means, just like our catering donuts, there is a kolache for each of your Christmas party guests to enjoy. 

#3. There are Christmas gift bags included in donuts catering plans

Christmas donuts catering

When it comes to gifting someone, Christmas is the best time to do so. In fact, Christmas gifts are more than presents; they’re a way of showing our love, affection, and care for our close ones. 


And while it is a good idea to shop for Christmas gifts and find that one special present for the ones we love, it’s always better to sweeten the gifting experience. 


Wondering how you can do so? 


Well, you can avail of our custom donut gift bags. All you need to do is tell our catering team about your ideal donut gift, donut assortment, and your special message on the gift bag. 


Our donut catering team will personalize the bags of donuts as you like them, making them a Christmas gift to remember. Also, you can have customized donut bags shipped to any address across the country. 


Amazing, right? 

#4. Make your Christmas party an extra special event 

What comes to your mind when you hear about Christmas donuts catering? 


It’s most likely a buffet with different donuts, kolaches, and beverages. 


However, we take donut catering beyond simply serving the sweet delights by creating trendy donut decor at your event venue. And that includes Instagrammable designs like a donut Santa, a Xmas tree made from donuts, donuts designed as Santa caps, and much more. 


With our donut decor, you’re sure to have a Christmas party with perfect aesthetics for some of the best social media posts. 


Have a certain decor on your mind? 


You can join our team and bring your donut decor imagination to life. 

#5. Donuts are the perfect companion for holiday binge watching

Christmas donuts catering

Apart from all the excitement and fun that Christmas is, the festivities are equally tiring and exhausting, especially when you’re planning the entire event by yourself. 


In fact, holiday shopping, parties, travel plans, etc., can even get stressful at times. So all you want to do the next day is sit back on your couch and binge that series you’ve wanted to watch for a long time. 


And there can’t be a better way to binge watch and relax over the holidays than with some delectable donuts. And as our catering menu offers unique donuts during Christmas, there are more reasons to munch on them. 

Wrapping it up 

With Christmas approaching fast, you’re sure to be excited about the festivities and equally worried about throwing the coolest party. 


Nonetheless, you can rest easy on the latter as our Christmas catering plans are designed to be more than donuts and kolaches servings, making your party an event to remember. 


And with Shipley’s coupons, you can make it friendly to your pocket, thus saving up for your upcoming holiday trip.  


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