Shipley Donuts Bestsellers: A Brief Look at Your Favorite Snacks from Shipley Donuts Menu

Wednesday, 13th October 2021

A variety of Shipley Donuts

Shipley Donuts takes immense pride in making the most scrumptious donuts out there.


Since 1936, the year Shipley Donuts started out, the Shipley Donuts menu has been upgraded to offer new, tasteful delights.


Currently, Shipley Donuts stores in Houston offer more than 60 varieties of donuts, an array of kolaches, and a range of coffees to soothe your tastebuds and keep you coming back.


Some of the products on the Shipley Donut menu exceed others in terms of popularity.

While we put utmost love and care into all our products, you are the one who finally decides our bestsellers.


Since we opened two new branches in Houston back in 2016, we have had a lot of love from you for our products and our services.


Going by your choices over the years, we have compiled a list of our bestselling products.


These products are the best of the best on the Shipley Donuts menu. The tastiest of our treats. The perfect snacks. All, according to you.


So, without further ado, let’s jump right into these delectable and what makes them a favorite of yours:


Classic Glazed


The Shipley Donut menu is incomplete without the classic glazed.


Lawrence Shipley himself made the glazed donut back in 1936, and since then, it has been one of the most bought products off of Shipley Donuts menu.


What makes classic glazed a bestseller from the Shipley Donuts menu?


Well…the fact that it was the very first donut to come out of the Shipley Donut menu could be the reason.


Classic glazed is also a very straightforward order. It is for those who know what they want and aren’t willing to compromise on their choices in any way.


This is why we don’t cut any corners when baking classic glazed donuts.


We put our heart out on the glaze and keep the interior fresh and fluffy, so you feel like you are biting into ecstasy with every munch.


Iced Donuts


They are the most gorgeous of the bunch, which is not surprising given they are bestseller runners-up from the Shipley Donuts menu.


Covered in delightful icing and made with the softest dough, iced donuts take you to the moon and back with every bite.


What makes them the bestsellers from the Shipley Donuts menu?


We suppose it is their wide-ranging variety. From chocolate iced to plain sugar and oreo cookies, we have an iced donut for every donut fan.


Filled Donuts


The other, other cousins of classic glazed, filled donuts are everything, and you can expect out of a donut filled with delicious flavors and more.


These donuts from the Shipley Donuts menu are known to cause a mess (but in a good way).


Soft on the outside and gooey on the inside, filled donuts will fill your mouth with taste and flavor as soon as you take a bite.


They might also drip down your chin and your fingers, but hey, that’s what napkin your tongue is for.


What makes filled donuts the bestsellers from the Shipley Donuts menu?


Why, of course, the fillings. Filled donuts suffer from a severe case of flavors, and the only way you can help them is by biting into their warm and syrupy texture.


Donut Holes


What happens to the dough that is cut out of the donuts to make a hole? It is turned into donut holes.


Small, chunky, and full of flavors, donut holes have a cult-like following among Shipley Donuts fans. They are also one of the most bought products from the Shipley Donuts menu.


These bite-sized delicacies have been soaring the highest of the highs as the bestsellers from the Shipley Donuts menu. Why?


Because they are smaller, more portable versions of their ring counterparts.


You can grab a bag of donut holes from the nearest Shipley Donuts and indulge in the varied flavors these little nuggets of sweet dough offer.




Another long-distance cousin of donuts on Shipley Donuts menu is beignets. They are more stylish and suave versions of the classic glazed donuts, thanks to their foreign origins.


Fluffy, soft, and pillowy, beignets very much resemble the donuts in terms of taste and texture. Nevertheless, when it comes to the shape, they couldn’t be any more different.


What makes beignets a bestseller from the Shipley Donuts menu?


We bet it is their lightweight composition and fluffy structure.


Also, the fact that beignets can basically be paired with anything, including dips, ice cream, and even coffee, makes it a best-selling Shipley Donut product.




Kolaches are a Texas staple and a specialty from the Shipley Donuts menu.


Ask any relocated Texan what they miss the most about home, and they would probably mention kolaches among their long list of food items they miss.


While traditional kolaches are filled with fruits, the Texan versions include sausages, cheese, and jalapenos.


What makes kolaches the bestsellers from the Shipley Donuts menu? We would say it is the Texan taste buds.


That is why we make sure we stick to making kolaches the Texas way: well-cooked meat with buttery dough wrapped around it.


When you bite into our kolaches, you are spiritually brought straight down to Texas, no matter where you are physically.




And so we are done with the bestselling products from the Shipley Donuts menu. Have you had any of these delectable products? Maybe you have tasted them all.


If you have not tasted any of these tasteful delights, it is time to visit and order your favorites. We offer 24*7 drive-thru and delivery, so you don’t have to worry about the timing. Choose your favorite and order now.

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